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Each versions of the game receive a variety of monthly content, including maps. These maps are usually first released in the Chinese version, but on very rare occasion it could be another version. Here's every recently developed map:


Thumbnail Name / Mode Description Date
Blank.png --- --- ---
Treasure Island.PNG Treasure Island A rocky shore with waterfalls and caverns. TBA
Mutant Escape
Sky Building.PNG Sky Building A conquest battle atop two tall skyscrapers. TBA
Occupation Knife
Shooting Centre.PNG Shooting Centre A training facility with weapon pick-ups. TBA
Elimination Mode
Evil Den.PNG Evil Den A fiery valley, home of the Sand Dragons. July 21st
Zombie Mode
Treasure Room.PNG Treasure Room Several traitors sabotaging an art gallery. July 21st
Guess Me Mode
Support.PNG Support A military outpost with a train station. July 21st
Search & Destroy
Pentagon.PNG Pentagon A robot factory guarded by the Hyperion boss. April 8th
Elite PVE Mode
Void Island.PNG Void Island Floating islands turned into a quarantine zone. April 8th
Master Hero Mode X
Arcadia.PNG Arcadia A remote derelict bio-lab, home of Plant No.9. January 21st
Zombie Mode
Undercity.PNG Undercity A city whose whose skyline folds in on itself. January 21st
Mutant Escape
Search.PNG Search A large stadium with a maze filled with blocks. January 21st
Maze Mode

Thumbnail Name / Mode Description Date
RushTM.PNG Rush The market town of Barnard Castle in Teesdale, England. December 9th
Search & Destroy
Ruins.PNG Ruins Derelict neighborhood turned into a quarantine zone. September 17th
Master Hero Mode X
Street.png Street Both factions fight in the streets of a remote village. September 17th
Team DeathMatch
Train Station.png Train Station A battle of marksmanship occurs at a railway station. September 17th
Sniper Only
Icy Abyss.png Icy Abyss Revisit three classic location before facing the boss. July 22nd
Zombie Mode
Horror Factory.png Horror Factory A huge factory themed parkour playground. July 22nd
Parkour Mode
Outpost.PNG Outpost A terrorist attack at a run-down remote outpost. June 10th
Strategic S&D
EvilMansion.PNG Evil Mansion A remake of Mansion, now guarded by a terminator. June 10th
Elite PVE Mode
Night City.PNG Night City Various downtown skyscrapers during the night. April 27th
Mutant Escape
Boss Tower.PNG Boss Tower A dark abyss, home of the Grim Reaper boss. April 27th
Zombie Mode
Sky Temple.png Sky Temple A conquest battle at an oriental temple courtyard. March 4th
Occupation Knife
Art Gallery.PNG Gallery An art exhibit with various paintings on display. March 4th
Search & Destroy
Void Rift.PNG Void Rift Secret hideout of the Void Overlord and its minions. January 8th
Zombie Mode
New Resort.PNG New Resort An expanded version of Resort with new spots. January 8th
Master Hero Mode X

Thumbnail Name / Mode Description Date
Quarry.PNG Quarry A massive firefight in a large open-pit mine. December 4th
Team DeathMatch
New Suzhou City.PNG New Suzhou City A visual upgrade of the S&D map: Suzhou City. December 4th
Search & Destroy
UCC UnknownCity.PNG Unknown City The second user created map. Uncredited creator. December 4th
Search & Destroy
UnknownArea.PNG Unknown Area The crash site of a large space station. October 30th
Elite PVE Mode
BLCamp Elite.PNG Black List Camp A remake of Black List Camp with classic bosses. October 30th
Elite PVE Mode
UCC SingleTower.png Single Tower The very first user created map. Made by Avalong. October 30th
Team Deathmatch
KingsValley.png King's Valley A large floating Egyptian site high up in the sky. September 19th
Mutant Escape
OldBase.PNG Old Base An abandoned base in the middle of the desert. September 19th
Team DeathMatch
TitanCitadel.png Titan Citadel Defeat Dr. Haze and her creations at the citadel. July 31st
Zombie Mode
NightMarket.png Night Market An outdoor market area in the middle of the night. July 31st
Search & Destroy
Lost City Renewal.PNG New Lost City An expanded version of Lost City with new spots. July 31st
Master Hero Mode X
TIG MODE MAP.png Wilderness Manor A vast campground area guarded by two creatures. June 19th
Horror Hide & Seek
Kingdom Road (BR).png Kingdom Road Parkour course located in a vast desert landscape. June 19th
Parkour Mode
DawnVillage.png Dawn Village A remake of Dark Village with an expanded layout. May 7th
Master Hero Mode X
NewSubBase.PNG New Sub Base Visual upgrade + minor layout changes to Sub Base. May 7th
Search & Destroy
Chocolate Town.png Chocolate Town An outdoor shopping centre with a chocolate theme. March 6th
Search & Destroy
Harbor.png Harbor Another remake of Transport Ship at a cargo dock. March 6th
Team DeathMatch
BOSS WAR.png Boss War A giant boss and its guardians awaits in these ruins. January 16th
Zombie Mode
BREAK OUT.png Break Out An escape attempt at a highly secure plaza courtyard. January 16th
Search & Destroy

Thumbnail Name / Mode Description Date
Mini Royal.png Mysterious Island --- December 13th
Battle Royale
Knockback Tower.png Sky Tower --- December 13th
Knockback Mode
TransportShip 10.png Transp. Ship-10th Another iteration of this classic map. December 13th
Team Deathmatch
Cube World.png Cube World Various floating islands made of blocks. October 31st
Mutant Escape
New NightFall.png New NightFall Visual upgrade of the Ghost Mode map: Nightfall. September 19th
Ghost Mode
Rooftop Party.png Rooftop Party More information soon! September 19th
Guess Me
Crater2.png Crater 2 More information soon! July 27th
Zombie Mode
Sky Islands.png Sky Islands Very large environment sets on four floating islands high up in the sky. June 21st
Battle Royale
Stadium 2018.png Stadium 2018 A stadium in Russia for the FIFA 2018 World Cup! June 7th
Soccer Mode
Triple Point.png Triple Point Specific areas from Black Widow, Satellite and Sub Base into one. May 14th
Free For All
AimMap.PNG Training Centre A practice environment with some covers for soldiers. April 25th
Aim Mode
Downtime.PNG Downtime An antarctic outpost turned into a quarantine zone. April 25th
Hero Mode X
Sao Paulo.png São Paulo Remake of Counter-Strike's Dust2 but with a São Paulo (Sampa) theme. April 12th
Search & Destroy
Taiji.png Taiji Oriental themed parkour playground with many new difficult obstacles. March 21st
Parkour Mode
DesertRaid.png Desert Raid Very large desert environment with various points of interest. January 17th
Battle Royale

Thumbnail Name / Mode Description Date
GuessMe.png Cube Village A basic looking environment containing various briefcases. December 14th
Guess Me
BlackWidow Lite.png Black Widow Simplified version of Black Widow with many glass walls. December 14th
Rapid S&D
Festival Lite New.png Festival Simplified version of Festival with many glass walls. December 14th
Rapid S&D
Nano Kitchen.PNG Nano Kitchen Rat-sized soldiers and mutants in a normal sized typical kitchen. November 9th
Hero Mode X
Parkour Course.PNG Space Jump Basic looking environment that offers various parkour challenges. November 9th
Parkour Mode
NewMonaco.png New Monaco Visual upgrade of the classic Team DeathMatch map: Monaco. October 10th
Team DeathMatch
Assault.png Assault Remake of Counter-Strike's Assault. August 23rd
Search & Destroy
New CebuCity.png New Cebu City A visual uplift of the exotic Cebu City. August 23rd
Team DeathMatch
Boss Battle.PNG Battle Arena A large flat plateau that is used as a battle arena. August 2nd
Boss Battle
Twentieth Floor.PNG Vertigo A large building at night, heavily based of Counter-Strike's Vertigo. August 2nd
Ghost Mode
Satellite Upgrade.PNG New Satellite A visual upgrade of the Search & Destroy map: Satellite. August 2nd
Search & Destroy
Drop Zone.png Drop Zone A large war zone area in the desert, near an oasis. On June 28th
Battle Mode (TDM)
Heat Lab.png Heat Lab A sophisticated thermal laboratory site. On June 28th
Battle Mode (OCC)
Cache.PNG Cache Remake of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Cache. May 10th
Search & Destroy
NavalBase.PNG Naval Base A small military port turned into a quarantine zone. May 10th
Hero Mode X
ChemistryLab.PNG Chemistry Lab A headshot-only scenario at a chemistry laboratory. March 29th
Headshot Only
MexicoTD UP.PNG Mexico (Upgrade) A visual upgrade of classic Team DeathMatch map: Mexico. March 29th
Team DeathMatch
Map Kremlin.png Kremlin Factions fight in an ice palace near Moscow Kremlin. February 16th
Team DeathMatch
Salvador.png Salvador BLs storms the Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia. February 9th
Search & Destroy
FatalCanyon.PNG Fatal Canyon Soldiers are investigating a hoover dam in a canyon. January 10th
AI Mode 3
OldTown.PNG Old Town Black List attempts to execute a VIP in a ghost town. January 10th
Escape Mode 2

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
MuseumTD.png Team DeathMatch CastleTD.png Sniper Only
December 7th December 7th
Nano Cement.PNG Hero Mode X Nano Circus.PNG Hero Mode X
November 2nd November 2nd
Golden Inca.PNG Coin / Sheep Modes Suzhou.PNG Search & Destroy
September 21st September 21st
Waterway.png Team DeathMatch Glass Prison.png Elimination / Melee
September 1st September 1st
Hell Tower.png AI Mode 3 Deadly Market.png GPS Mode
July 27th July 27th
Riverside.png Sniper Only Hideout.png Team DeathMatch
June 28th May 19th
Ghost Prison.png Ghost Mode Ice Cave.png Melee Only
May 19th May 19th
Nano Club.png Hero Mode X Drillship.png Search & Destroy
April 27th April 27th
Space-Port.png Free For All Dreadnought.png Defense Mode
March 10th January 20th
Broken Arrow.png GPS Mode ChineseMansion.png Team DeathMatch
January 20th January 20th

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
GoldenThrone.png King Mode CrossS&D.png Search & Destroy
December 23rd December 23rd
Cargo.png Sniper Only Favela.png Team DeathMatch
December 23rd November 24th
Storehouse.png Super Soldiers (S&D) Antarctica.png Suppression Mode
November 18th November 18th
Nano Garden.png Hero Mode X Ankara 2.png Search & Destroy
October 19th September 22nd
Farm.png Sheep Mode Beach Resort.png Melee Only
September 22nd August 20th
Shipyard.png Defense Mode Stronghold.png Shadow Mode
July 29th July 29th
CityHall.png Team DeathMatch Gladiator.png Free For All / Melee
July 29th June 25th
ChinatownS&D.png Search & Destroy Satellite.png Search & Destroy
June 25th June 25th
Observe.png Team DeathMatch Rock Hewn Ruin.png Mutation Modes
May 21st April 15th
Jungle Temple.png Grenade / Melee Ghost Base.png Shadow Mode
April 15th March 18th
Chicago.png Elimination Mode Morocco.png Search & Destroy
March 18th March 18th
Last Spot.png Defense Mode Super Soldiers City.png Super Soldiers (TDM)
January 20th January 20th
Two Way.png Team DeathMatch - -
January 20th -

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
Egypt-2.png Team DeathMatch T.Ship 2.0.png TDM / Captain
December 18th December 18th
Desert-2.png Search & Destroy BlackWidow-2.png Various
December 18th December 18th
Prague.png Spy Mode Aquarium.png TDM / Phoenix
December 18th December 18th
Air-ForceOne.png Headshot Only Pier39.png Suppression
November 4th September 24th
Air-Base.png Super Soldiers Playground.png Melee Only
August 25th August 25th
LobbyMap150.png Zombie Mode SatelliteBase.png Free For All
July 31st July 31st
DesertFort.png Mutation Knight Island.png Mutation Knight
July 7th July 7th
Stable.png Team DeathMatch StadiumIcon.png Soccer Mode
July 7th May 29th
Union Station.png Search & Destroy Floodd.png Ghost Vs Mutant
April 21st April 21st
Chamber.png Shadow Mode Valley.png Team DeathMatch
March 25th February 24th
Bridgemap.png Team DeathMatch Western1.png Elimination Mode
February 21st February 21st
DeathRally.png Zombie Mode Toy-Castle.png TDM / Phoenix
January 14th January 14th

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
Greece1.png S&D / FFA DoomBox.png Melee Only
December 12th December 12th
Seizure.png Sniper Only Vault.png Mutation Modes
November 20th October 14th
SandStorm.png Wave Mode Bank TD.png Team DeathMatch
September 12th September 12th
B-CityRoomIcon.png Zombie Mode Bunker.png Search & Destroy
August 2nd August 2nd
LobbyMap40.png Shadow Mode RedEye.png RPG / Melee Only
July 9th June 13th
BootCamp.png Team DeathMatch WAREHOUSE.png Free For All
June 6th June 6th
Arctic.png Wave Mode Docks.png Melee Only
April 8th February 28th
Hotel Map Icon.png Search & Destroy LobbyMap96.png Zombie Mode
January 21st January 21st

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
Disposal Plant.png Elimination LobbyMap103.png Ghost Mode
December 20th December 20th
PenQueen.png Team DeathMatch LobbyMap94.png Zombie Mode
November 8th September 20th
Resort.png Hero Mode X LobbyMap92.png Hero Mode X
August 1st August 1st
EAGLEEYE.png Free For All ShopMall.png Team DeathMatch
July 5th June 7th
Spain.png Search & Destroy Night Fall.png Ghost Mode
April 25th February 28th
SubmarineBay.png Team DeathMatch - -
February 15th -

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
LobbyMap73.png Zombie Mode ANKARA.png Search & Destroy
December 19th September 9th
MANSION.png Hero Mode X LobbyMapTops.png Hero Mode X
August 10th August 10th
ORBITALSTATION.png Team DeathMatch LobbyMap78.png Zombie Mode
July 13th June 6th
LobbyMap69.png Zombie Mode Warehouse.png Team DeathMatch
April 28th April 6th
Terminal Map Icon.png Elimination MarketTD.png Team DeathMatch
May 24th March 21st
SatelliteBase.png Search & Destroy BL Camp.png Zombie Mode
January 25th January 20th
LobbyMap66.png Zombie Mode - -
January 20th -

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
LobbyMap57.png Hero Mode TheaterIcon.png Team DeathMatch
December 14th October 28th
Aztec.png Search & Destroy Sewers.png Melee Only
September 6th August 12th
LobbyMapWeapons.png Ghost Mode LobbyMap72.png Mutation Mode
June 25th April 9th
Military Base.png Team DeathMatch SecretRuins.png Team DeathMatch
April 4th April 4th
CARGOSHIP.png Escape Mode LobbyMap49.png Escape Mode
March or April March or April
LobbyMap47.png Elimination LobbyMap54.png Mutation Mode
February - April January 28th
LobbyMapHQ.png Escape Mode LobbyMap27.png Escape Mode
January 5th January 5th

Thumbnail Mode / Date Thumbnail Mode / Date
LobbyMap46.png Elimination Prison.png Sniper Only
November 30th October 28th
LobbyMapPalace.png Team DeathMatch LostCity.png Mutation Modes
September 25th August 20th
PowerSupply.png Search & Destroy LobbyMap76.png Mutation Modes
August 20th July 30th
Tranquility .png Mutation Modes FORTRESS.png Team DeathMatch
June 30th June 30th
LobbyMap52.png Mutation Modes LobbyMap41.png Mutation Modes
May 20th April 10th
LobbyMap38.png Mutation Modes CairoIcon.png Team DeathMatch
April 10th February 25th
LobbyMap25.png Ghost Mode Festival.png Search & Destroy
January 4th January 4th
LobbyMap34.png Elimination - -
January 4th -


  • CrossFire Korea (first iteration) used to release new maps and also had a few exclusive maps that were not released yet in other versions. They didn't follow that trend during the lifetime of its second iteration.