Rapid S&D is a small-scaled version of the classic Search & Destroy mode. It features only 1 bombsite just like Suppression Mode but otherwise utilizing classic S&D rules.


  • CF China
  • CF North America: Rapid S&D
  • CF Vietnam: Fast S&D 2
  • CF Brazil: Small S&D
  • CF Russia: Skirmish
  • CF Español: Closed Combat
  • CF Indonesia: Rapid S&D


This mode supports only 2 to 6 players (1v1 to 3v3), and utilize smaller version of popular S&D maps like Black Widow, Festival. Only bombsite B is available, and the path to bombsite A has been sealed in this mode. One additional change is that the map has been re-designed to feature more transparent bulletproof windows, making hiding/camping ineffective and encourage players to battle it out instead.


  • In CF Vietnam, this mode can be played with more than 6 players in a room. This happens when the room host sets random map instead of a certain one.


BlackWidow Lite Festival Lite New


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