Racing Mode is a sub-type of Challenge Mode.


Up to 4 players can enter a room, 3 is required to start the match. In this mode, players will start with infinite ammo and 2 defaut lives - armor will not be used because players cannot be damaged by zombies or other obstacle on the way.


As its name suggest, Racing Mode pits players against each other in a 10-course race using Hoverboards - along the way, players can gain point by shooting targets, killing zombies, collecting flags and performing tricks (pipe slide, automatic slope jump, etc...). Players can quick-slide left or right using Shift key and entering Berserk mode to speed up and kill zombies on contact by pressing F.

Once a player hit the Finish Line, the match ends and all players will receive a Race Box to open for more goodies (Bonus points or Safes). The total score will then be saved and players can use it on another ZM map as starting score, increasing their chance to score Crystal crates there.


There is only one map released for Racing Mode up to date:

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