"Exhibited in 2014 by KBP Design Bureau, the RSH-12 is a new type of revolver which utilizes 12.7mm large caliber ammunition. It is high powered at the cost of massive recoil."
- In-game Description

RSH-12 is a very powerful handgun featured in CrossFire.


The RSH-12 is a massive .50 caliber revolver, featuring a 5 shot cylinder with 20 rounds in reserve. It has a similar appearance with MATEBA. And also a similar performance, draw, and reload animation with the Raging Bull.

It is capable of consistent 1-hit chest shot kills up to medium range, against either armored or unarmored enemies. It takes 2-3 hits in the arms/legs to kill. The RSH-12 has a slower firing rate, stronger recoil, and slower draw speed compared to the Raging Bull. But the RSH-12 reloads faster.

The RSH-12 is one of the 1-hit chest kill capable "handcannons" in CrossFire; alongside the Raging Bull and BFR (the RSH being the strongest, fastest reloading, and slowest firing among the three).


  • High damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Full bullet penetration.
  • Fast reloading speed.
  • High stopping power.


  • Very high recoil.
  • Slow drawing speed.
  • Low magazine capacity.
  • Slow firing speed.


  • CF West
  • CF China
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Japan
  • CF Russia



Real Life

  • RSh-12 is a 12.7x55mm revolver developed for Russian special forces, with the purpose of destroying door locks and other hard objects. It competes with the S&W Model 500 revolver for the title of "most powerful production handgun".
    • It also has the same caliber as the ASh-12.7 assault rifle.
  • Interestingly, the RSh could still be considered underpowered in CF compared to real life, as the 12.7x55mm caliber is capable of putting down an elephant with just one shot. (equivalent to 1-hit kill to any body part in-game).


  • Strangely enough, the RSh-12 is ranked lower in power in the stat ratings compared to the Desert Eagle, despite the 1-shot kill capability of the revolver.
  • This weapon was accidentally added in CrossFire Philippines on the 1st week of April 2016. It was supposed to be added on the 3rd week.



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