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The RPK is a modified AK47 with a longer barrel, bipod, and drum magazine. It is designed as a crew-serviced support weapon rather than an assault rifle.
- Weapon Description

RPK is a kind of machine gun featured in CrossFire.


RPK is a machine gun based on the design of the AK47. It costs quite a bit for a machine gun that has 20-rounds less than the M60, but its attributes make up for it, as fewer bullets are needed per kill.

Its attributes and behavior are also similar to those of the AK47. It has a high damage output, dealing with pretty high damage per bullet. The accuracy is similar to an AK47 and has strong but predictable recoil.

If compared with M60, RPK is proved to be much easier to control as having predictable recoil & high accuracy, which makes it more potential to use in-game mode other than Mutation Mode & Zombie Mode while M60 itself provides more power & more ammunition.


  • High damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Standard machine gun magazine capacity. (in some versions only)
  • Fairly fast reloading speed.
  • Fairly fast drawing speed.


  • A bit low magazine capacity. (in some versions only)
  • Heavyweight.
  • High recoil.
  • Accuracy loses when spraying.
  • Loud firing noise.


Available in all CrossFire version.



  • While most versions featuring 80-rounds magazine for RPK, CF China features a standard 100-rounds magazine while CF Vietnam only have a 75-rounds magazine.
  • RPK is one of a few weapons to change the HUD model after an update. Its old HUD still can be seen on the Gold variant but with different moving animation.
    • The old HUD can still be seen in some CF versions.
    • After an update, the old HUD of RPK (along with AK47 and AK74) is now back in CF Vietnam.
  • RPK is the second machine gun to receive a second model after the Gatling Gun.