RPG-7 is a special weapon available only in Wave Mode (Blaster class) and TDM rooms with RPG/Melee option selected.


As its name suggest, it is a Rocket Launcher which deals massive damage and can often score one-hit kill (In TDM), but it's very heavy and may take some times to get used with its own aiming reticle.

In Wave Mode, this gun is available exclusively for the Blaster Class, while in RPG/Melee, it is given to everyone at the start of the match (And they will get another one after it's used).

This gun also appears on Devastated City in round 31 (Hard difficulty) and Boss Arena via supply crates. The ammo is 1/3 and it has a special effect of freezing the boss, allowing other players to shoot him down easier. A special variant with infrared scope is also available during the fight against Assassin Queen so players can see her when she goes invisible.


  • RPG-7-Gold: This is a special edition of the normal RPG-7. Exclusive to only Wave Mode. Features a gold plated skin and the ability to jump.
  • Bazooka: Available in RPG/Melee maps, this one is very heavy and players must use it in order to switch back to their Melee weapon. Rocket travels at an ultra-slow speed.
  • RPG-7-Freezer: Exclusive to Zombie Mode only, this weapon freezes the enemy on impact.
  • RPG-7-Scope Freezer: A sub-variant of RPG-7-Freezer mounted with a infrared scope.



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