The RAI Model 500 (Research Armament Model 500) is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is only featured in CF Japan.


The RAI Model 500 fires .50 BMG ammunition and has extreme firepower, equal to Barrett M82A1 in most CF version. It has two-level zoom scope with normal texture, making it more clear to see targets than the Barrett M82A1. Also it has medium bolt cycling and reload time. The only drawback is its small magazine capacity (5/20) and heavy weight.

This gun is only available in CF Japan for Assault Girls movie promotion.


  • Very high damage (equal with Barrett M82A1).
  • Very high accuracy.
  • Fast reload time (equal with TRG-21).
  • High Bulletproof Armor penetration.
  • Full wallbang penetration.
  • Short drawing speed.
  • High damage dealing on mutants (almost equal as Barrett M82A1).


  • Low magazine capacity (5).
  • Heavyweight.
  • Slow bolt-cycling speed.
  • Loud firing noise.


  • CF Japan
  • Not available elsewhere.


  • RAI Model 500 serves as the anti-mutant sniper in CF Japan, as the Barrett M82A1 was nerfed to feature normal damage dealing. It makes RAI Model 500 less OPed in Hero Mode X, as the 5 rounds magazine does not permit players to continuously pick off mutants from distance.
  • The RAI Model 500 shares the TRG-21 animation.
  • Among all anti-mutant snipers, RAI Model 500 has the most realistic animation, in which the long delay between each shot shows players' character cycling the bolt. The QBU-09 uses recoil animation to delay bolt-cycling animation, whereas the Barrett M82A1 has a rather unrealistic delay after the shot has been fired and the bolt is cycled.
  • This is the only anti-mutant sniper that has never been nerfed. The Barrett M82A1 was nerfed in lots of servers, and the QBU-09, previously served as anti-mutant sniper in CF China, lost its quality after recent patches nerfed it.
  • It has been confirmed by SmileGate that no other CF server will receive this gun, as they ruled it to be too overpowered. This statement is actually untrue because the RAI Model 500 is even less effective than Barrett M82A1, and there is always a chance that it can be nerfed like QBU-09 in other CF servers. Thus, it can be assumed that SmileGate just made up some excuse to keep this gun CF Japan exclusive.
  • In an interesting CF Europe survey, RAI Model 500 was mentioned as a possible weapon to be introduced as a 150 coupon reward permanently. While this leaves the possibility of adding the gun to other servers outside CF Japan, CF Europe has been shut down without ever getting this gun mentioned again.



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