QBU-09-Volcano is a variant of the QBU-09 sniper rifle.


Just like the other Volcano weapons, this variant sports a unique volcano design and a lava effect on its body. It has an expanded magazine capacity of 7 rounds (+2) with 28 in reserve. Like the Digital Camo variant, the Volcano variant has a much faster and diffrent drawing animation than the original QBU-09 as now the character pulls back the bolt instead of drawing the whole gun. In Hero Mode X, this weapon can deal high damage like Barrett M82A1 except the legs.

Variable Scope

In Battle Royale, this weapon features Variable Scope like AWM-A Ghetto which is suitable for long ranged battle. To activate the variable zoom, simply just zoom-in to the scope and hold down the RMB to activate it.

To increase the zoom level, roll the Mouse Wheel to up or press Num8. To decrease the zoom level, roll the Mouse Wheel to down or press Num2. To reset the zoom level, press the MMB (Middle-mouse button) or press Num5.


  • Extremely high damage for a sniper rifle.
  • Has 100% full wallbang.
  • Highly accurate at any range (when scoping in).
  • Faster drawing time.
  • Short reload time.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Slow reload time.
  • Slightly higher but still low magazine capacity (7).


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF West


  • In CF Vietnam, although players still can interrupt the reloading with most Sniper Rifles by using Furious Kick, that case isn't applied to this weapon; furthermore, players have to wait for the bolt to be pushed back if they want to reload the weapon. This is somehow a disadvantage and consumes time since it only has 7 rounds per mag.



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