Prime WS is a weapon set featuring blue (and white) texture with fire blazing effect on their design.

Different from Prime Alternate Skin, these are some VVIP variants which are independent like Noble Gold ones.

Weapon List


  • Like its VVIP counterpart, it is undroppable upon death and doesn't need to repair after each game.
  • Prime weapons use the same VVIP background like their VVIP counterpart and are pinned on top of the storage; however, they won't appear in the "Show your VVIPs" tab.
  • The weapon set is obviously inspired from Optimus Prime, a famous character in Transformers - an American science fiction action film; however, CF China named them as Energy Core (能量核心) instead of Prime. Presumably, it is to avoid copyright.
  • M14 EBR-Prime is not categorized to the Prime WS, although they both share the same name.
  • Uniquely from Noble Gold WS and Punk WS, besides features reskinned VVIP weapon variants, this weapon set also features reskinned normal weapons.
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