Power Supply.

Power Supply is a Search & Destroy map in Crossfire.


This map is a remake of Counter Strike's de_inferno  map. Keeping most of the same layout and theme. Due to this, it's exclusive to CF China (Like the Desert, a remake of de_dust2.) Any other versions would be extremely lucky if they were to receive this map or any other remakes for that matter.


  • CF China: Power Supply
  • Not available elsewhere.


  • At first, Tencent updated the old version of this map in client files during beta version in 2008, but no one could play it in game. Finally, Tencent updated the new one in August 2009.
    • Many textures from the old version of this map was re-used for the pre-remastered version of Black Widow.
  • The old one style looks more like de_inferno in Counter Strike 1.5.


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