Phoenix Time is an add-on feature available in selected TDM maps.


Phoenix time is activated when either the timer reaches one minute left or once a team has fourty kills left. A cut-scene will show up and some destruction will occurs, removing all barriers between two teams and sealing access to the spawn points and alternate routes. There is a short countdown of five seconds to allow soldiers to switch bag one last time before the special time begins.

The soldiers will face each other directly at the center of the map and score points against each other during the remaining time/points left. Meaning nobody can die, but will rather have a protective shield for three seconds each time a point is scored against them. The ammunition remains the same all the way, thus possible to run out of ammo. Armor count won't reset, so once it's depleted, it's gone for good.

Tips & Strategies

  • It's best to bring a powerful MG in one bag for Phoenix time, this allow you to spam shot and score kills easily.
  • Keep moving, don't stand in place for too long or you will become easy target.
  • Keep grenade until lots of opponents group together for some easy kills.
  • If playing as Sniper, use teammates as cover and shoot only when the enemy stops flashing.


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