Parasite Bomb is a special grenade of Devil Terminator.


Like its name, it is a egg-shaped parasite bomb that can soldiers can be infected from parasite when the grenade explodes. This grenade helps Devil Terminator to infect soldiers in far distance without getting close to them. The grenade's exploding range is very wide, so it can infect many soldiers at the same time. In 5 seconds, when soldiers don't have Mutation Jacket or aren't cured by others' shooting or by self/teammates' grenades, they will turn into mutants. Parasite Bomb can deal up to 500 HP if you're a Devil Hunter.

For every successful throwing to infect soldiers, Devil Terminator can gain score to themselves.

Tips and Tactics

Devil Terminator

  • The grenade can stun any soldiers, including Devil Hunter. When soldiers are trying to run away you in far distance, it is best to use it and prevent them from jumping or parkouring.
  • Beside using claws to defeat Devil Hunter, use the Parasite Bomb and throw at her because it can deal up to 500 HP.
  • Don't throw Parasite Bomb when there aren't many mutants near a soldier group. If you do so, soldiers will have the chance to restock their ammo, which makes it harder for mutants to attack.


  • Don't defend at a place by yourself, because it is more likely to have no one to help you get cured from Parasite Bomb.
  • Help at least one infected soldier, because doing that will restock your ammo for the defense.
  • When curing a soldiers, focus shooting him/her at the head, because the head is fastest position to cure a soldiers (same as the head is the fastest position to finish off a player).
  • Equip grenades that has fast pulling speed or unstacked SOHG-Ghetto. You can help others or yourself get cured from grenades too. If you have Grenade Bag, place a Flashbang / Smoke Grenade in 1st slot then normal Grenade, that way when you pick up a Nano Grenade from Supply Crate, you'll carry two HE grenade. This will help you survive up to 3 Parasite Bomb (By using an unstacked SOHG-Ghetto along with one Nano Grenade).



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