P90 is a submachine gun that is featured in CrossFire.


The P90 is a submachine gun designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. It is fed with 50 rounds of FN 5.7×28mm.

The weapon has a low damage dealing and suffers high recoil. Even though, it still has very high rate of fire, light body and large magazine capacity. This gun has a fairly long draw and reload speed, making it inferior against most modern SMGs.

Tips & tricks

  • Fire in bursts of no more than 4 shots at a time. The recoil settles quickly.
  • Try not to reload if there are more than 30 rounds in the magazine as it takes +4 seconds to reload. Reload when the area is secure.
  • Utilize the SMG's light weight and strafe back and forth to avoid enemy fire.
  • Avoid rushing enemies in the open, like on maps such as Port as even semi-competent enemies can easily gun you down with rifles.
  • Headshots ARE possible with this weapon, but only effectively out to medium range. The unintentional bursting makes single shooting for headshots more difficult.


SMG P90-Camo P90 WCG P90 WEM
P90 CFS2014 P90 Balance P90 WildShot
CFS Balance Wild Shot
P90 WildShot FW
Fatal Wasp


  • The name "P90" is an abbreviation of "Project 1990".
  • The FN 5.7x28mm caliber fired from this weapon is severely underpowered in the game, only capable to deal small amount of damage. The real life FN 5.7x28mm caliber is actually more powerful, capable to penetrate light body armors easily.
    • This has been corrected on P90-Balance, giving it a more powerful damage and becomes the strongest P90 variant so far.
  • The Red Dot Sight (RDS) featured on this weapon is unusable.
  • Strangely, the weapon's killmark depicts a P90TR model without an RDS attached, which is incorrect for the original P90 and only correct if applied on P90-Wild Shot and its variants that use the same said model.


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