Orchid-Seaside is a character variant of Orchid.


The Orchid has now suited up another new outfit for the hot summer. The BL side wears the black sunglasses and features the black pant and the orange crop-top, revealing her red bra while the GR one features the light blue crop-top, revealing her blue bra. The character also receive a unique HUD model, however.


  • CF China
  • CF Philippines

Character Skills

  • You can get 3 option by default. Can change to other options from the list on the right using the character option setting.
    • Sub-weapon auto reload
    • Immune to friendly grenade damage
    • Reduce falling damage
    • Reduce flashbang effect
    • Ammo Penetration (Mutation Mode)
    • Extra Armor (Mutation Mode)
    • Extra Ammo (Mutation Mode)
    • Move Speed up (Mutation Mode)
    • Mutant Protect Armor
    • Body Armor
    • Head Armor
    • ZA Boost Gauge Speed Up (Challenge Mode)



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