"Orchid is the codename given to agents who serve the intelligence agencies of the world as unauthorized undercover agents in rival countries. The name Orchid was chosen as a reference to their appearance as a common yet beautiful treasure. These femme fatales are trained with weapons so that should they ever be discovered, they can still combat and defend from any pursuers."
- in-game description

Orchid is a female character featured in CrossFire.


Her character model is based on a contestant winner, featuring a distinct Asian-looking with black hair and eyes. The GR model wears a traditional Chinese dress in blue color with flower decorations, black boots with ammo strap on the right and a black armband on her left wrist. In BL, she wears glasses and ties her hairs up in a bun, and her dress is red and has no shelves.

Orchid is the first female character that was given her own Chinese voice (Much like S.T.A.R in CF Korea), but this feature is only available in CF China.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • Judging from its artwork & in-game appearance, the BL counterpart of this character has a similarity with May from Counter Strike: Online and Ada Wong from Resident Evil.
  • When Orchid was first released in CF China, many people believed that she would be exclusive there. However, in January 2014, CF Vietnam added Orchid (as AOI), as a move to make her available in all versions.
    • Despite being named AOI in CF Vietnam, game data files still addresses her as JNS.
    • In CF Vietnam, her name (AOI) means Asia Operation of Intelligence. This name is shared with the Mobile version.
  • Although Orchid has the unique Chinese Woman voice in CF China, for unknown reasons, other CF versions still uses the default Woman voice for her. This also happens with her character variants as well. It's assumed that simply because the developers are lazy.
  • Orchid, along with FOX and Datura, are given to all players logged in and get at least 1 EXP during July 1st as celebration for CF Vietnam's Fanpage hitting 1m likes. Eligible players include those already own FOX or both FOX and Datura.
  • In CF West, she could be obtained from the Mileage Shop both permanently and temporarily, thus made her popular in most rooms.




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