Nymphs-Noble Gold Seaside is a Noble Gold character variant of Nymphs.


The Nymphs has now suited up a new swimsuit for the hot summer. The BL side wears the gray sunglasses with the gold-black swimsuit while the GR one wears the black sunglasses and the black-silver swimsuit. The character also receives a unique HUD model as well.

The character can do a series of arm dancing by pressing N.


  • CF China



Old Icon

  • This character was available during the closed test in June 2020, but later got scrapped after then for an unknown reason. Later in the July 2020 update, this character is back with major model change. The reason was probably that this character hasn't received the Noble Gold variant, so releasing Nymphs-Noble Gold Seaside might be illogical, but with the re-released of this character, this reason seems to be untrue.
    • Another reason could be due to the character models are actually the same with Nymphs-Seaside but with sunglasses, a slightly different outfit colors and doesn't have any skills. Since both characters were supposed to be released at the same time, players would likely drop this variant and pick Nymphs-Seaside instead due to her skills. As such, the character models were re-created to be more attractive to the players.



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