Night Fall
NightFall is a Ghost Mode and Shadow Mode map sets on a large building rooftop during a stealth mission by Black List operatives.


  • CF KR: Rooftop.
  • CF JP: Rooftop.
  • CF CN: Airport Rooftop.
  • CF WE: Nightfall
  • CF ID: Building Rooftop.
  • CF VN: Terrace.
  • CF RU: Rooftop.
  • CF BR: Nocturnal.
  • CF PH: Building Rooftop.
  • CF ES: Nightfall


Nightfall is a large map taking place on the top of a building during the night. It features a crane near the Black List spawn area, which is quite useful for Global Risk if they can get to it. The sites includes a large control room and a fenced area which contains a large silo connected to various pipes.


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