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New Deathmatch was one of the oldest mode, featured only in CrossFire Korea & CrossFire Vietnam during its early days. This mode was scrapped later on for unknown reasons, and no other versions ever received it. However, few images and sounds are still within the game's files.


New Deathmatch is an advanced Free For All / Deathmatch where players can collect Power-Ups to enhance their gameplay. They are scattered around the maps and will respawn after a while once taken. These power-ups last few seconds (it can be extended if the same power-up is collected again) except for few instant effects power-ups.


Each power-ups has its own logo, however most of them are random (shown as a ?):

Powerup Icon Description
Ammo refill Full Ammo Fully refill players' ammo.
Health refill (+50) HP +50 +50 HP upon collecting. Max HP possible is 200.
Health refill (+100) HP +100 +100 HP upon collecting. Max HP possible is 200.
Ghost On Ghost On Partial Invisibility (30s).
Radar Radar On Show enemy opponents on the Mini-Map; including Ghost users (30s).
Reaction down Reaction Highly reduce weapons recoil (30s).
Shield Shield Damage received is reduced by 80%; except Grenades (20s).
Power UP Power Up Double Damages; useful against Shield users (30s).
Speed Up Speed Up Increase player's movement speed.
Super Jump Super Jump Allow players to jump higher (30s).


There was only two maps for this mode unfortunately. It was scrapped before new ones could be made.


  • Even New Deathmatch was only available to CF Korea and CF Vietnam, most of the maps loading screen at that time has placed "ND" mark on it, implying that originally this mode could be available for more maps before scrapped. 
  • This mode had been appeared in CF Vietnam in 2008, but it had been removed shortly because of some reasons. Until years later, CF Vietnam's fanpage publicly shown the map Dark City.
    • CF Vietnam's fanpage also revealed that this mode had to be hidden as Smilegate's demand. 
  • Due to their similarity usage of power-ups, it can be speculated that Sheep Mode is the spirutal successor to New Deathmatch.
  • The Power Up Pick-Up logo was later reused for the Wall-Shot Kill logo.


CrossFire Korea - Laboratory ND!

CrossFire Korea - Laboratory ND!

CrossFire Korea - Dark City ND!

CrossFire Korea - Dark City ND!

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