"Derived from the initials of Sea, Air and Land, SEAL is an Elite unit from the U.S. Navy. The Navy Seals are made up of the best US Marines has to offer. Assigned to stop terrorism and to complete high risk missions worldwide. Popular among them are the SEAL TEAM6 and DEVGRU."
- in-game description

Navy Seals is a male character featured in CrossFire.


Navy Seals are an elite naval special force unit made up of the best the US Navy has to offer. Created by US President John F. Kennedy in 1962, they have been a driving force in stopping terrorism and completing high risk missions around the world.


  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF China
  • CF Brazil



  • Navy Seal has their own voices, which is different than default male legacy voices. As most CF versions have no separate voice folders, the update patch that including Navy Seal naturally replaces the gelacy voices with Navy Seal's voices (excluding CF China and CF West), unless players still keep backup of the default voices.
  • Originally, Navy Seal's BL model has skull cover on their faces. It was later changed to a new model with vertical lines instead. Only CF China and Indonesia are still using the skull cover.
  • In CF China, this character has a different health bar icon than other versions.
  • Navy Seal is the first male character to have gloves exposing its fingers in both the GR and BL HUD.
    • Also, the GR and BL side use the same gloves model.



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