Nano Hook is a melee weapon that can only be used by the mutants in Mutation Mode..


It provides a longer range attack, and two Mutation Points when mutating a soldier which allows for faster mutation, especially in Hero Mode.

In Hero Mode, mutants still needs two hits to evolve into Berserk level because the Nano Hook only provide them four "small" mutation points - however, one can resort to infecting one soldier then take damage to evolve. In Hero Mode X, Ghost Vs. Mutants, Mutation Knight Mode and Mutant Escape Mode, if the players become special Mutants (Xeno, Havoc, Armored Mutant, Devil Terminator, Evil Terminator), the Nano Hook is not available to use, but can still earn 2 Mutation Points for each soldier infected.

All the mutants, except Smoke Nano, Maiden (both original & 2.0) and Enchantress, equipped with Nano Hook will attack faster.


  • (*) - This weapon has been delayed/cancelled.


  • If the item is equipped by Dread, the HUD will show the contaminated GR SWAT instead of the Nano Knife. This is not applied to Smoke Nano, as his left hand is still shown with a drill. This has been fixed after Dread is upgraded to 2.0 version.
  • As a knife, Nano Hook deals 100 HP damage via LMB and 200 HP via RMB.
  • In CF Russia, if a Smoke Nano equips the Nano Hook, it will display as KMB-317 Hook, instead of Hook.


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