Nano Desert is a Mutation Mode (and variants) map sets within a vast desert base at dawn. It is currently only available in the Chinese version due to strict license as it's a remake of Counter Strike's second Dust map.


It is sufficient to say that the layout, in general, is the same as the one in the Counter-Strike series beside various changes to accomodate Mutation Modes. It is also less detailed, in term of props, than its original counterpart in Counter Strike. It also applies to the daylight version of this map, which is available in various modes.

The map use a dawn skybox, similar to Nano Port and Unearth, for a more horrid theme. But even for a dawn sky, the lighting effects on weapons and textures are really dark, in fact, possibly the darkest out of any maps alongside Unearth. Which makes certain spots really hard to distinguish as the textures merge with the walls.

There are a high amount of spots for soldier to hold, however two of them in particular give an unfair advantage to soldiers as they both require boost to access both of and give more than enough space between both parties.


  • B-Site: A common spot with a long edge to reach the elevated platform where soldiers should be camping.
  • Ramp: A short wooden ramp with a small gap beneath for soldiers to camp but is rather difficult to hold.
  • Balcony: Decent spot near B-Site, but mutants will eventually hidein the gap and wait for an opportunity.
  • Edge: Another long edge, placed in the center of the map, highly effective however will require a sacrifice.
  • 'Side': Platform on the side of the wall, easily defendable as long soldiers keep an eye on the publicity sign.
  • Sign: Publicity sign spot, just like in Re. Facility, which can easily defended by simply watching both sides.
  • Stack: Stack of crates near thr publicity sign, somewhat effective until mutants start to boost on the crates.
  • Crates: A large crate near a spawn area with only one way to climb, but mutants may also boost there.



CrossFire China 2

CrossFire China 2.0- Nano Desert (De Dust2 Nano) -Raw HMX-✔

CrossFire China - Nano Desert Hero Mode X Map Mode Gameplay

CrossFire China - Nano Desert Hero Mode X Map Mode Gameplay

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