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NameCards are backgrounds for players' IGN / Clan name, which are shown while being in lobby, channel, or room and at the scoreboard.

NameCards can be obtained via Item Shop or Reward Crates (ZM). Players can own multiple NameCards at the same time, but only one of them will be in use. Obtaining a NameCard automatically set it to "In use" state.

All NameCards are temporary and players must keep renewing them (If bought from Item Shop) to continue using them. Certain special type may be permanent, depends on publisher's choice. The NameCards from Ranked Match's reward are permanently.

Some NameCards are in limited edition and may be available only during in certain time of the year, such as Euro, World Cup, WEM, WCG, etc...

Current Namecards

NameCard1 NameCard2 NameCard3 NameCard4 NameCard5 NameCard6 NameCard9 NameCard10 NameCard11 NameCard12 NameCard13 NameCard14 NameCard15 NameCard16 NameCard17  NameCard18 NameCard19 NameCard20 NameCard21 NameCard22 NameCard23 NameCard24 NameCard25 NameCard26  NameCard500 NameCard501 NameCard502 NameCard503 NameCard504 NameCard505 NameCard506 NameCard507 NameCard59 NameCard60 NameCard61 NameCard62 NameCard63 NameCard67 NameCard68 NameCard69 NameCard70 NameCard71 NameCard74 NameCard75 NameCard80 NameCard81 NameCard82 NameCard83 NameCard83. NameCard84 NameCard84. NameCard85 NameCard85. NameCard86 NameCard86. NameCard87 NameCard88 NameCard89 NameCard92 NameCard93 NameCard94 NameCard95 NameCard96 NameCard97 NameCard98 NameCard99 NameCard100 NameCard102 NameCard105 NameCard106 NameCard107 NameCard108 NameCard109 NameCard110 Namecard111 NameCard113 NameCard115 NameCard127. NameCard129 NameCard130. NameCard131. NameCard137. NameCard135. NameCard133 NameCard132. NameCard133. NameCard134. NameCard140 NameCard142 NameCard143 NameCard144 NameCard145. NameCard146. NameCard147. NameCard148. NameCard149. NameCard150. NameCard151. NameCard152 NameCard152. NameCard153 Namecard153. Namecard154. Namecard155. Namecard156. Namecard157. NameCard162 NameCard158 NameCard158. NameCard159. NameCard159 NameCard160 NameCard161 NameCard160. NameCard161. NameCard162. NameCard163. NameCard164. NameCard165. NameCard166. NameCard167. NameCard168. Namecard169. Namecard170. Namecard171. Namecard172. Namecard179. Namecard173. Namecard174. NameCard209 NameCard210 NameCard208 NameCard199 NameCard200 NameCard201 NameCard202 NameCard203 NameCard204 NameCard205 NameCard206 NameCard207 NameCard208. NameCard445 NameCard209. NameCard210. NameCard211 NameCard212 NameCard213 NameCard214 NameCard215 NameCard216 NameCard217 NameCard218 NameCard229 NameCard230 NameCard231 NameCard232 NameCard233 NameCard234 NameCard235 NameCard236 NameCard237 NameCard238 NameCard239 NameCard240 NameCard276 NameCard277 NameCard286 NameCard290 NameCard291 NameCard292 NameCard299 NameCard300 NameCard301 NameCard302 NameCard303 NameCard325 NameCard326 NameCard327 NameCard328 NameCard338 NameCard418 NameCard439 NameCard440 NameCard441 NameCard446 NameCard447 NameCard448 NameCard449 NameCard450 NameCard454 NameCard455 NameCard456 NameCard457 NameCard458 NameCard459 NameCard460 NameCard461 NameCard470 NameCard480 NameCardCFEU7 NameCardCFEU7S NameCardCFEU7B NameCard482 NameCard483 NameCard484 NameCard485 NameCard486 FOOTBALL2014 FOOTBALL2014x2 HClAXkZ Valentine Day Namecard


NameCard76 NameCard77 NameCard78 NameCard79 NameCard90 NameCard91 NameCard128.

World Cup 2014

BELGIUM2014 COLOMBIA2014 CROATIA2014 EGYPT2014 NameCard27  NameCard28 NameCard29   NameCard30 NameCard31 NameCard32 NameCard33 NameCard34 NameCard35 NameCard36 NameCard37 NameCard38 NameCard39  IRAN2014  NameCard40 NameCard41 NameCard42 NameCard43 NameCard44 NameCard45 NameCard46 NameCard47 NameCard48 NameCard49   NameCard50          NameCard51 NameCard52 NameCard53 NameCard54 NameCard55 NameCard56 NameCard57 NameCard58  NameCard65 NameCard66 NameCard73 Turkey Name Card-GKV

Euros 2016

NameCard171  NameCard172  NameCard173  NameCard174  NameCard175  NameCard176  NameCard177  NameCard178  NameCard179   NameCard180  NameCard181  NameCard182 NameCard183  NameCard184  NameCard185  NameCard186  NameCard187  NameCard188  NameCard189   NameCard190  NameCard191 NameCard191 NameCard192  NameCard193  NameCard194  NameCard195 NameCard196   NameCard197  NameCard198


Cfs 2016 nf 1st namecard* Cfs 2016 nf 2nd namecard* Cfs 2016 nf 3rd namecard* Cfs 2016 nf namecard*

World Cup 2018

NameCard340 NameCard341 NameCard342 NameCard343 NameCard344 NameCard345 NameCard346 NameCard347 NameCard348 NameCard349 NameCard350 NameCard351 NameCard352 NameCard353 NameCard354 NameCard355 NameCard356 NameCard357 NameCard358 NameCard359 NameCard360 NameCard361 NameCard362 NameCard363 NameCard364 NameCard365 NameCard366 NameCard367 NameCard368 NameCard369 NameCard370 NameCard371 NameCard372 NameCard373 NameCard374 NameCard375 NameCard376 NameCard377

Clan 2.0 Patch

Temporary NameCards from Clan 2.0 Patch in CF NA Mf6VyE1 Wo5IsYz MMARvlf YSgE7NY K5ka9RK L1cNZWk

Ranked Matches

NameCard167 NameCard168 NameCard169 NameCard170 Namecard175. Namecard176. Namecard177. Namecard178. NameCard219 NameCard220 NameCard221 NameCard222 NameCard223 NameCard319 NameCard320 NameCard309 NameCard310 NameCard311 NameCard331 NameCard332 NameCard333 NameCard334 NameCard335 NameCard336 NameCard337

Z8Games CFNA

Only Available in CrossFire North America, Brazil and Español for Staff members. NameCard8 NameCard7

Z8Games CFES

Only Available in CrossFire Español.

Gamerage CFEU

Only Available in CrossFire Europe.
Forum mod namecard* CFEU GM namecard*

CF Brazil Exclusive

Only Available in CrossFire Brazil for VIP Forum Members. CiaMwgo 1xbN7Xk NEWICON

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