N-22 is one of the characters in CrossFire, available only in CF Vietnam.


N-22 was created by Black List scientists in hidden cyber factory in The Mine, but Global Risk task forces launch an assault on the factory and captured the robot production line so it was used by both sides to replace soldiers on human battlefield. It is the first and the only character that's not a human.


After the 2010 incident, FPS games are criticized a lot about human killing - even after the Knife had been removed, human characters were still present, which was a problem since there is no way to remove default characters. In an attempt to cool down the media, VTC decided to update a non-human character, specifically "Robot", so CF became a "non-human shooting game" (Even though not all players may buy it). N-22 was the answer, and surprisingly, it actually worked - the media eventually left CF alone after N-22 was released. The government still watches however, so all subsequent characters are put into Black Market as a countermeasure - this way, not all players can own "human characters", so CF is still considered "non-human shooting game"  in Vietnam.


  • In Mutation Mode, N-22 shares the same mutants counterpart as that of the others (except if they bought Maiden or others). Technically it's not possible for robots to get infected because they are not human to begin with, but this is simply due to mechanic limitation.
  • When shooting at this character, the character still shows blood, even though this character is a robot. But just like above, this is simply due to mechanic limitation (even though the blood effect from Shadow Warriors would fit for this character).
  • After updated in Vietnam, Chinese players sent many feedback to Tencent to bring this character into CF China but finally, all opinion were terminated and the answer is NO.
  • Both GR and BL model is simply recolored with some minor differents. Also for the HUD in-game. Interestingly, the HUD is actually a retextured version of BL SWAT's HUD.
  • Strangely, N-22 doesn't have it owns sound. It shares with default "English" sound instead, which makes it weird since N-22 is a robot character.


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