Nano 6
Mutation Knight Mode was the fifth installment of Mutation variants. It shares some similarities with Hero Mode X, but it does introduces some new mechanics and twists. Now Knights and Armored Mutants duke it out in the end game.


  • Biochemical Sworder Mode (China).
  • Mutant Knight Mode (West).
  • Zombie Knight Mode(Philippines).
  • Mortal Blade Mode (Brazil).
  • Ghost Blade Mode (Japan, Indonesia, Russia & Korea).
  • Zombie v6 (Vietnam).


As the round starts, soldiers have their usual countdown to find any spots to defend before the host infections are chosen. The host mutants won't start with their skill and only have 850 HP, but they have very little knock-back when shot at to balance things out. Much like HMX, they will be dead permanently if killed by any melee weapons.

Both factions now have level meters, which slowly fills up by itself for soldiers, while mutants infect/attack soldiers and/or taking damage or collect crates. Unlike previous modes, mutants get to keep half of their bar upon infected, and they don't lose progress when respawning, but they can't adsorb EXP from dead mutants to evolve. For each completed levels, both will receive many perks; last one being transformation into Knights and Armored Mutants respectively.

Maps Description Maps Description
DesertFort An abandoned fort in the desert. Island A small set of mystical islands.
Resort Summer resort during a hot day. Rock Hewn Ruin Ruin site deep into the jungle.


Levels Soldiers. Mutants.
Gauges Gauge Knight Gauge Nano
Level 1 150% Power / +1 Extra Mag. Health Regen / Health + / Thermal Vision.
Level 2 200% Power / +2 Mags / Heart. Sensor Additional Health Points.
Level 3 Turns into the Knight character. Turns into the Armored Mutant.
Mark Perks Mark Perks
Damage Soldiers damage increases. Plus Mutant health point increases.
Magazine Additional mag(s) for primary guns. Regen Mutant Health Regen ability.
Sensor Heartbeat Sensor Activation Thermal Thermal vision ability activation.
  • Heartbeat Sensors: unlocked at level 2, will highlight part of soldier radars, in a cone-shaped form, every few seconds in the direction they are facing. Any mutants that is found within the range of the sensor will be exposed on soldier radars.
  • Thermal Vision: It allows the mutants to see through walls and perfectly locate the remaining soldiers as they will be highlighted in white as long the mutants do not move away from their current positions (which also allows them to heal). Both of these abilities are unlocked once their first level is completed.

Mark Stance Description
Stance2 Slash Mode Typical melee attacks which includes slashing and stabbing.
Stance1 Resist Mode Alternate stance with a frontal area attack and a defense move.
Target Killing Blow Flashing mutants will be executed by whoever strikes first.
Mark Skill Description
Skill1 G-Skills Mutants respective skills; Armored Mutants use Xeno's forcefield.
Roar1 Roar A roar that impose fear, which freezes and disarms nearby soldiers.
Thermal Thermal Vision When standing still for 3s, every remaining soldiers will be highlighted.

Supply crates are still present in this variation and are more valuable than ever before as it contains some goodies that can most definitely save a soldier's lives and possibly other's. Although, unlike in previous variants, there are no weapons crate, preventing soldiers from losing their equipped weapons. Here's the list of available items:

  • Ammo Refill: A complete refill of a soldier's ammunition of their primary weapon.
  • Gauge Boost: Mutants are now able to collect crates, boosting their level gauge.
  • Stun Grenade: Creates a large electrical sphere that slow down mutants inside it.
  • Mutation Vest: Allows additional hit(s) before getting infected; stack-able to three.


  • Unique to all other modes, Mutants can earn progress via succeed hit (Even if they can't infect soldier due to Mutation Armor). This makes them very dangerous in CQB even if they are flashing red - getting one hit may instantly bump their HP back up and give them the chance to infect soldiers.
  • The Armored Mutant in the Mutation Knight Mode made his first appearance in Thunder Tower as a retextured version of the normal mutant zombie.
  • It's rumored that the automatic Knight transformation for soldiers was meant to prevent them for farming points by shooting mutants, since in Hero Mode X soldiers had the choice to turn into the Commando / Ranger or not and still was able to shoot more points. Now, they are forced to actually fight the mutants heads-on after their maximum level is reached. This doesn't prevent them from using Mounted FAL Camo however (Desert Fortress), but at least mutants have more chance to get to them.
  • After the update of Mutant Escape Mode, this mode got its closure as it isn't attractive to most players. The main reason is probably due to the mode's mechanics, which players can't farm score as much as Hero Mode X, which made this mode very unpopular among players.


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