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Mutants are special characters in CrossFire, available in Mutation Mode and all of its variants. They infect human soldiers to make them join their side, and also fight special soldiers that cannot be infected.

Some mutants are featured in-game by default, while others need to be rented via the Item Shop or acquired temporarily through various means like Mileage Shop. Additionally, Subject Alpha and Girl Crush have the ability to transform into any of the available mutants (except default mutants and special "boss" mutants), regardless of whether players own them or not.


  • Mutants - CF West and CF Brazil
  • Biochemical Ghosts - CF China and CF Japan
  • Zombies - Most versions


All mutants represent players in a room that are chosen as host mutants or infected by other mutants. They have very high HP, allowing them to take a lot of hit, but can only use melee attack to infect other soldiers. When getting shot at, mutants will be knocked back (MM/HM) or slowed down on their track (HMX/MKM), making it harder for them to reach Soldiers. When a mutant reaches 500 health point or below, it will start flashing red light.

Each mutant has their own special skill, activated by pressing G. Infected/respawn mutants (except special mutants like Xeno/Havoc and all respawned mutants in Mutant Escape Mode/Master Hero Mode X) starts at level 0 and must earn evolve point by infecting other soldiers, getting hit (Hero Mode) or absorb point from other dead mutants. Once a mutant reach Berserk level (2), they gain 2000 more HP and can start using special skill (Cost 500 HP each). Reaching Titan level (5) nets them another 2000 HP.

Mutant Types

All regular mutants that can be used by players when infected. Each of them have different abilities.

Mutants Names / Skills Information
Icon Mutants.png Slug Default mutant in CF West. While his attack are slower, it has longer reach than the Dread mutants.
Speed Boost
Icon Dread.png Dread Default mutant in every other versions. He has an extremely fast attack compared to Slug, but also receives further knockback than most mutants.
Speed Boost
Icon Maiden.png Maiden Mutated woman nurse with partial invisibility abilities as well as being able to jump higher than most other mutants in the game.
High Jump / Partial Invisibility
Icon Smoke.png Smoke Mutated general officer with a mechanical backpack merged to his body, used to spew out smoke screens to blind soldiers. However, his attack is slower than most mutants.
Black Smoke Screen
Icon Assassins.png Assassin A cunning mutant who managed to aqcuire special repulse grenades which disrupt the position of soldiers.
Repulse Grenades
Nano Corpse.png Enchantress Reanimated corpse seeking for life essences. She acts fairly similar to Maidens, but jumps way higher using her skill.
High Jump / Higher Jump
NANO NURSE 2.png Maiden 2.0 The upgraded version of the original Maiden, and she can jump higher and run faster.
High Jump / Partial Invisibility

Mode Exclusive Mutants

Special mutants that can be only used in certain gamemodes.

Mutants Names / Skills Information
Xeno Render.png Xeno Powerful mutant with high health. Capable of infecting soldiers and killing Commandos very easily. Available in Hero Mode X only.
Damage Reduction / Speed Boost
CrossFire Havoc.png Havoc Powerful mutant with high health. Capable of infecting soldiers and killing Nemesis very easily. Available in Hero Mode X only.
Damage Reduction / Speed Boost
Hero1.png Devil Terminator Powerful mutant with high health. Capable of infecting soldiers and killing Devil Hunters very easily. Available in Parasite Expansion only.
Damage Reduction / Speed Boost / Parasite Bomb
Armored.png Armored Mutant Heavily armored mutant armed with powerful attacks. Direct counterpart of Knights. Available in Mutation Knight Mode only.
Damage Reduction / Roar
EVIL TERMINATOR.png Evil Terminator The Flame version of Xeno with more higher health. Capable of infecting soldiers and defeating heroes very easily. Available in Master Hero Mode X only.
Fireball Throwing
DEMON TERMINATOR.png Demon Terminator The Flame version of Devil Terminator with more higher health. Capable of infecting and defeating heroes with his deadly claws. Available in Master Hero Mode X only.
Damage Reduction / Speed Boost


Items that can be used by mutants for their advantage.

Icons Items Information
ItemIcon 333.png Nano Hook A melee weapon that normal mutant can use for faster attack and longer reach. Gives out double evolution points.
ItemIcon 2681.png Nano Hook-Devil Similar function to the original Nano Hook, but it has more perks such as faster health recovery.
ItemIcon 335.png Mutation Jacket A special jacket that give soldiers an additional shot before getting infected. Also give extra armor points to mutants.
ItemIcon 425.png Knockback Reduce An item that reduce the stun and knock back effects on mutants, but they might have a hard time to escape.


  • In CF West, the idea of using Slug as default mutant instead of Dread like other versions might came from the CrossFire CGI Trailer , which a Ghost turns into Slug by injecting himself with biochemical virus. Even the trailer of the Mutation Mode in this version also show the CGI part before the gameplay trailer.
    • Due to the fact that Slug is the default mutant in this version, all interfaces that represent Dread as default mutant are replaced by Slug, except for the Knockback Reduce item icon/logo and the mutant killmark (when soldier succesfully kills a mutant in Mutation Mode/Hero Mode).
  • Also in CF West, the berserk screen (when using "G" skill as Slug/Dread character) is different than other CF versions, as it's similar to Slug's color tone instead (since Slug is the default mutant in this version).
    • However, years later, after the arrival of Master Hero Mode X, the said feature has been changed to the one used in other CF versions for some reasons (most likely the files were accidentally overwrited when the developers updated the mode).
  • In CF West, DX Heroine's description refers the mutants as "Nano Ghosts" instead. The description of Ares weapons also refers the mutants as "Nano Ghosts" as well. This is most likely an oversight by developers.
  • In Hero Mode X (along with its variants such as Parasite Expansion/Master Hero Mode X) and Mutant Escape Mode, when killing the heroes, the mutants will incorrectly uses the killsound from the human character that the player is using in the match, which can create such hilarious effect (i.e Dread with The Fates' killsound). This is mostly an oversight by developers because upon release, mutants could only infect soldiers (Mutation Mode/Hero Mode) instead of killing them as seen in later-released mode variants (Hero Mode X onward).
    • The killsounds are actually KillHumanBossCountSnd.wav (Male heroes) and KillNanoCountSnd.wav combined with WomanHeroDie.wav (Female heroes) instead.
  • In CF China, 生化幽灵 (Biochemical Ghost) is considered as a euphemistically description of 僵尸 (Zombie).
    • One interesting fact is that the Giant Dread in Challenge Mode is incorrectly called 大型红色僵尸 (Giant Red Zombie), it's most likely to be a mistake, as it's the only one who named Zombie.
    • The name may also refence to 幽灵 (Ghost) in Ghost Mode, as in the CrossFire CGI Trailer, a Ghost turns into Slug by injecting himself with biochemical virus, which explains why they called "Biochemical Ghost".
    • Another reason why these mutants don't called "Zombie" is that they look quite different from the typical zombies in most zombie-themed video games and movies, they're more likely to be an advanced biochemical creatures instead of normal zombies who slowly wandering around, while 僵尸 in Chinese means stiff bodies.
      • Another call of "Zombie" is 丧尸, which mostly used to describe western-styled zombies in video games and movies, they are a kind of zombies that were not "stiffed" and some of them can even run fast just like normal people.

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