Mutant Escape Mode is a variant of the Mutation Mode. This mode is pretty much inspired from Zombie Escape Mode from Counter-Strike Online.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam: Zombie Defection Mode.
  • CF West: Mutant Escape Mode.
  • CF Russia: Breakthrough.
  • CF Brazil: Mutant Challenge.
  • CF Español: Mutant Escape Mode.


Unlike its predecessors, this mode supports up to 30 players per room. Soldiers will have to race through the map, navigating obstacles, jumping platforms, clearing corridor with the host mutants behind their back. At the start, everyone will spawn together in the starting position and race forward, and when the counter reaches 0, up to 7 host mutants will be chosen and they respawn at the starting position - from there, it's their jobs to catch up and eliminate soldiers. The map is broken into different sections separated by locked gates which soldiers will have to hold the line until it's opened and allow accessing to a Warp Portal that transports both sides to the next section. Any soldiers who fall off the map will respawn as mutants, making navigating the map even more important.

This mode utilizes the same attack boost mechanic from Hero Mode X but Soldiers start at 280% and each soldier infected / killed adds 20% to this number. To aid each side, Soldiers are provided with Ammo Station to refill ammo at important choke points, and once a certain number of soldiers reach these points, new paths will open up for Mutants to quickly reach Soldiers' defense position in multiple direction, forcing Soldiers to concentrate and eliminate threats more carefully.



In the first release of this mode, this is simply the battle between Soldiers and normal Mutants, no Special Mutants or Special Characters available in this mode; however, after the March 2019 in CF China, this mode has been upgraded with slight changes, like the Mutation Mode in the early day (no separated variant).

  • Flash/Smoke disabled (CF China & CF West): Soldiers can no longer use Flash / Smoke Grenade in this mode, the option was presented in other modes but it's mandatory in MEM after this update. This change was obviously implemented to counter griefing, since the doubled players and same starting point means everyone can grief and destory the match before Step 1 is even completed.
  • Mutant Levels: All mutants will start at level 2 instead of level 1 like usual, thus everyone can use G-skill instantly. This was likely done to balance the game and prevent farming kills.
  • Special Mutants: Xeno from Hero Mode X has joined the battle to help Mutants infecting the Soldiers with high weaponry; however, he doesn't feature his unique name tag above him, since there can now be multiple Xenos at once.
  • Special Character: The soldiers got the help from the savior in Hero Mode - Hero. He is still armed with FAL Custom-Camo as his main weapon, and his health point got whooping increased up to 14000 (except CF Vietnam, which is 7000) which is as double as Commando, Nemesis and Devil Hunter; however, only a few remaining soldiers can become Hero by pressing "E". Hero in this mode can't be infected, but only defeated. After being defeated, instead of spectating other Heroes, he will be respawned as a Mutants instead.
  • Damage Boost: Instead of the maximum 800% of damage boost, this has been nerfed to under 600%. This could be done to make soldiers farm score less.

Available in the following versions:

  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF West

System Change

The number of players which may transform into a mutant will depend on the number of players in that game. Please refer to the table below for your reference.

Number of Players 2 3-5 6-8 9-12 13-16 17-21 22-25 26-29 30
Number of Mutants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Extra Rules

  • There is no collision between all players, thus when two or more are on the same coordinate, they'll become translucent.
  • Mutants respawn indefinitely and have the ability to double jump (click RMB a second time mid-air to perform another jump).
  • Mutants have a faster recovery speed, requiring only 2 seconds standing still to start a 1000 HP/s recovery due to HP loss per using G skill (1200 HP).
  • Once mutants evolved into level 2 or 3, getting killed will not be reset back to level 1. Mutants will only lose Evolution Points gained in between levels, so should they get killed before evolving.


  • This is the second modes that disables character collisions after Parkour Mode, allowing soldiers to pass through each other; furthermore, this mode also support translucency for better view if soldiers are near someone. This was probably done to avoid getting stuck in narrow corridor and/or prevent griefing, which was excessively used in classic MMs.
  • In CF Vietnam, some MEM rooms have a funny glitch: it limit player's weapon to a one type of weapon like FFA, TDM, etc. The system will announce you to attach that type of weapon if you haven't had it yet, but you can still use any weapons that you have.
  • In CF VN and RU, there is a dangerous glitch is: you can only kick 15 other players. Maybe the Vote Kick System here hasn't update yet, so you can kick only 15 other players like the other modes. So, if there is a hacker or players use the glitches, it is really hard to kick them.
    • Also CF Russia, this mode came with another glitch, which allows to certainly kick the player out even if everybody in the room is against it. This glitch is working if there are more than 16 players in the room, but still limits to first 15 players. It has been fixed.
  • In CF Russia and CF Vietnam, if you die as mutant before the next round, while wielding knife your hands HUD will have mutant's texture.  
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