This article contains every music and ambient type sounds that are currently used in the game, as well as some of the earlier tracks that are no longer used. The author(s) of any of these tracks aren't mentioned anywhere, however certain music come from various artists or inspired from a real song.


  • MainMenu Old
    1: Main Menu
  • Inventory Old
    1: Inventory
  • ItemShop Old
    1: Item Shop
  • LobbyRoom Old
    1: Room Lobby
  • Xmas BGM
    Xmas BGM

Zombie Modes

  • AI Start
    Match Start
  • AI Bonus Start
    Bonus Notice
  • AI Bonus BG
    Bonus Theme
  • AI Bonus Succes
    Bonus Success
  • AI Bonus Fail
    Bonus Failure
  • AI Boss
    Boss Appear

Boss Arena

Wave Mode

  • Wave Theme
    Room Lobby
  • Wave Start
    Match Start
  • Wave Amb1
    Ambience #1
  • Wave Amb2
    Ambience #2
  • Wave Level
    Level Up!
  • Wave Energy
  • Wave Tower
    Tower Destroyed
  • Wave More
  • Wave Victory
  • Wave Lost
    Keep A Low Profile
  • Wave Snow
    Arctic Ambience
  • Wave Sand
    Desert Ambience

Casual Modes

Parkour Mode



The authors of each songs in the game aren't credited. However, thanks to YouTube and Twitch's detection system, it is possible to know some of the track names and their respective authors and albums. So far, the following CrossFire tracks have been identified:

  • MainMenu New
    Main Menu: Unbound by Too Many Funerals (Legacy of Darkness: Trailers).
  • Inventory New
    Inventory: CyberThug by Jay Price (Hero Unleashed Trailers).
  • ItemShop New
    Item Shop: Strategy Now by Donn Wilkerson, John Keane (Action/Thriller/Heroic - Disc B).
  • LobbyRoom New
    Room Lobby: Metrohead by Richard Powell (Hybrid Action Trailers).
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