Mosin Nagant-St. George's Ribbon is a patriotic variant of the Mosin Nagant featured in Crossfire.


As its name suggests, this Mosin Nagant variant features a maroon-yellow color combination with the stock painted with the Ribbon of St. George symbol, as well as various Russian decals around its body.

Like its original variant, this gun is still very powerful and has 5 additional rounds for a total of 10/30 (+5), and has a fast reload time per bullet. It still has the same 1 level zoom scope and random damage loss that occurs when shooting armored enemies, but players can perform a jump-shoot no-scope with 100% damage hit. Also, St. George's Ribbon variant does not seem to have accuracy issues with the scope like the original.

In CF West, it deals the same amount of damage as the regular AWM, without the random damage loss.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West
  • CF Philippines


  • The Ribbon of St. George is one of the most famous and patriotic military symbols in Russia.
  • Even the cartridges loaded in the St. George's Ribbon have decals on them. This can be seen while reloading the rifle.
  • Again, this gun has ammo inconsistency glitch in CFVN, 10/20 in normal modes and 10/30 in Mutation mode & variants.
    • This gun also has two more glitches like the classic variant, the first one is the same with a completely damaged Dragunov, it can be fired in No-zoom mode like a rifle, where the bullet will go straight to center of the screen while jumping, and it can score 1-hit kill on the body, making this gun is an extremely dangerous weapon in Sniper Only. The second one is the reloading cancel, it works nearly the same with VVIP Characters method, which using LMB + R + E, while this one using LMB + R + LMB, but even more faster the the former.
      • After some patches, both of them have been fixed.
      • Before the second glitch has been fixed, this gun is a "banned weapon" in Sniper Only public match because of its firing speed when using the glitch.
  • In CF West, a recent patch broke the scope of this gun. The scope became a large square with only 2 crosshairs and no center dot.
  • This is the first sniper rifle featured in CF Philippines's Mini Capsule.



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