"The lead singer of the most popular girl group in the Philippines called Mocha Girls. She is also one of the most influential advocates on social media in the Philippines."
- in-game description

Mocha is an exclusive female character available in CF Philippines.


Mocha is the fourth character based on real-life celebrities, after Miss A, 2PM and Ngoc Trinh. Her BL and GR outfits are almost identical, except the BL one feature sleeveless brown tank top with brown gloves and she wears a grey shirt underneath, while GR one has full sleeve black tank top with black gloves, plus she wears a black cap too. In both forces, she wears short pants with pistol holder on the right side (left for BL).


  • 20% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • Exclusive killsounds.


  • During the modelling process, Mocha sports a less revealing outfit on the GR side, although by the time of her release, it's been changed, probably to make her more appealing to Filipino players.
  • Mocha Uson's killsound is located in Snd2/MochaGirls, which is different from Ngọc Trinh and Orchid, which uses localized language-name for the folder. This makes her on pair with VVIP characters, that utilize her name to the voice pack folder instead of being named by language ones.
  • Players will receive a 7 day Bulletproof Vest, Bulletproof Helmet and Bag 4 if they bought Mocha during the promo period (Feb. 14-27).
  • Mocha is the second exclusive celebrities character in CrossFire, after Ngọc Trinh.
    CHARACTER INFO Mocha-Djehuti
  • Interestingly, in the game files of CF Vietnam, there's a character icon of Mocha on the GR side and Hermes on the BL side. Presumably, it was intended to combine those two characters into one but later got dropped.



CrossFire Character Mocha ☆

CrossFire Character Mocha ☆

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