Military Base

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Military Base is a Team DeathMatch map located inside a military hangar and armory, where supply crates and military vehicles are stored.


  • CF Korea(Pmang): S. Armory
  • CF China: Military Base


This map has a symmetrical layout; the main gimmick of this map is the armored gate in the middle. One of the buttons found on each side of the wall must be pressed to open it. The door will stay open for a limited amount of time before closing again. Unless somebody prevents the door from doing so, it has to be reopen.

There are two windows on that same wall where grenades may be spammed if the door is closed. Each spawn has two set of stairs leading to a small room where snipers may camp to take down enemies on the other side of the map within the same opposite room. However, grenades can be spammed there as well.


  • After 29th March 2017, CF China updated the new version and deleted 12 TDM maps which under 0.1% playing rate. Military Base was included in these. So far this map has gone and didn't make it available for other versions.



Chinese CrossFire - Scar Light Silversmith!

Chinese CrossFire - Scar Light Silversmith!

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