Mighty Dragon WS (or Royal Dragon 7 WS) is the seventh installment of the Royal Dragon WS, for the celebration of the 2019 Lunar New Year. Similar to the Eternal Dragon one, they feature solid gold dragon with blazing eyes coiling around the weapons, along with crimson-gold color scheme, wrapped red paper and red dragon skin texture on it.

Weapon List


  • This is the very first Royal Dragon set that doesn't features a Barrett M82A1 variant as the Kar 98K has taken the place; furthermore, it also features neither secondary nor melee weapons.
    • This is also the very first Weapons Set to feature a full set that have a functional right click use, as there are knife stab from QBZ-03 and AK-47, 3-shot burst mode from QBZ-95, and the functional zoom scope for the Kar 98K.