Metro's Map Icon.

A map for Ghost Mode only. It involves two metro trains, one shorter in length than the other. It will happen in a station. A site seems to be a power grid and B site seems to be a power generator.

This map Is a medium sized Ghost mode map, Global Risk Is trying to stop the Ghost Team from destroying specific Power sources within the metro station (seems to be abandoned) (image Wanted from radar view)


French atom energy department has developed the neutron imaging system for the first time in Europe. It’s a projection technology that’s made by combining radiation picturing and high-speed imaging and it can reduce the engine’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide. This technique could bring the France to become the leader of the green-energy system. With the new technology announcement, there was a big time riot in Paris. There are many immigrants working in France, even though the “racism is prohibited” as the law, many racism was happening so the immigrants had many problems with it. Finally, with the terrorist’s secret action, there became the big riot in Paris and during that riot, police’s tear bomb has went into the Muslim Temple and because of that, many bombing terror has happened. The Muslim leader who moves the Islam has heard about the atom imaging system and has hired the Black List Ghosts for the bombing terror. The French government was afraid of that they would lose the way of being a leader of the future and has hired the Global Risk to stop this terror.


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