Merida is an exclusive Hero Mode launch map, also the only one. It is sets within an amphitheatre.


  • Merida (Most Versions).
  • Bio Arena (China).
  • Ancient Arena: (Vietnam).
  • Warehouse (Indonesia).


The map is a relatively large amphitheatre with various pillars all around the place, a wide seats section with an underpass beneath it. The podium platform in the center of the map is a good vantage point before the host infection. There are lots of torches taking care of the map's lighting, which is pretty lit beside the fact it's night time.

It is also worth mentioning that some spots are directly taken from Excavation, more specifically the cage and the balcony, the way it's set up. The cage and the narrow tunnel, being the most effective spots in the map, are also the most crowded ones in most games, so it is ideal to wait on the podium for a good opportunity to access them.

While it is specifically exclusive to Hero Mode, the Chinese version is the only one featuring this map in every Mutation variants, and CF Vietnam allows it in Hero Mode X as well. Some spots are easier to hold in the other variants but the map overall is perfectly suitable for Hero Mode alone. There is always possibility for any other versions to have this map available for every variants.

It's able to play HMXParasite Expansion and Mutation Mode on this map after the MEM update. 


Spots Description
Podium An elevated platform with various broken pillars. Depending where soldiers are specifically placed on the podium, it is an effective spot if every pillars are carefully being covered.
Cage Large cage with one entrance and a Supply Drop spot, thus being an effective spot commonly used by many. However mutants often attempt to infect careless distracted soldiers relatively too close from the fence. Assassin may attempt to throw their grenade on top of the cage to disrupt soldier's position as well.
Hole Narrow gap in the trench with limited space. Commonly used as mutants are forced to crouch to reach the back. For this reason, an excessive amount of soldiers try to take control of it. Ineffective if there are Assassins in the map, because their grenade can blow out the hole easily.
Tunnel Underpass beneath the seats with two way to cover, however the tunnel is extremely difficult to defend as mutants will eventually start to hide in a gap and wait for an opportunity to strike.
Stairs Two specific set of stairs which can be easily defended, until mutants start to boost nearby. Both side are the basically the same except inverted; both are also effective spots overall.
Platform A long platform in front of the relic; easily defendable by checking both sides. For better results, soldiers should always be camping in the center of the platform and they will be completely fine.
Relic A balcony with an architectural relic on the wall. It is a decent spot with good soldiers coordination as they need to cover two distant column, similar to the arch spot in Excavation.


  • Merida (also known as Roman Theatre of Mérida) is an ancient theatre built by the Roman Empire in the city of Emerita Augusta (now called Merida, Spain).
  • This map was originally named Merida as well in the Indonesian version, however two years later it was renamed as warehouse (without capital letters). Although the map icon still shows the name Merida.
  • There is a spot where you can glitch into with a melee weapon: the cage with no entrance. If you swing your melee weapon on the side or middle, you will fall through the floor, and the last thing you will have to do is to move a bit so you don't drop away from the void of the map and get killed.


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