Melee Only is a special game mode in which players are only allowed to use their Melee weapon.


No guns allowed in this mode, as all players are restricted to using only Melee weapons, except some VVIP characters that get access to a secondary attack (Fury Kick / Flower Attack), and VVIP or other guns (i.e. AK47-S Rifle Knife and M4A1-S Rifle Knife) that has the ability to transform into Melee weapons can be carried into Melee Only games. This game mode is most useful to upgrade Assassin badge.

Unlike Pistol, Sniper and Shotgun Only, Melee Only has specialized map that's created strictly for this mode and thus cannot be played with guns. There are different maps available through different versions of CrossFire, such as CF Arena, Sewers and The Swamp. Both GR and BL compete in an enclosed area with the only objective to survive as long as possible and kill as many opponents as possible.



  • During a gameplay If a player has a primary and secondary slot any gun that is automatically to knife mode it will be always drawn to melee slot everytime they killed and respawn.

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