Master Hero Saber is a special melee weapon, available only to Master Hero.


This weapon is the Master Hero Mode X counterpart of Dual Daphne Saber wielded by Nymphs, but now it got the freezing effect around it. It is the main weapon of Master Hero to fight against the mutants.

The primary attack of Master Hero Saber composes of the dual slash either horizontally or vertically, and every slash can leave two marks since it is dual-wielded (1500 per mark). The secondary attack is still the same with the Dual Daphne Saber as it gives the charged X pattern slash, and deals 8000 damage toward mutants. Unique from other special melee weapons in previous Mutation Mode variant, Master Hero Saber features the Omni slash skill, which will perform the quadruple slashes with further range, higher damage (3000 per slash) and increased movement speed. Mutants that got hit by the Omni slash will have their movement speed reduced slightly.

Unlike the original counterpart, Master Hero Saber receives a new set of drawing/slashing sound, but it still shares the hit sound with Invisible Assassin Sword.


  • This weapon actually shares the same model and texture file with the Dual Daphne Saber. What makes it look different is the effect around the sabers.


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