Master Hero Mode X (or Evil Terminator Mode) is a Hero Mode X map option and is only applied to some specific map.


  • CF China: Biochemical Terminator Mode.
  • CF West: Mass Mutation Mode.
  • CF Brazil: Mutant Confrontation.
  • CF Russia: Breakthrough Mode.
  • CF Indonesia: Nano Zombie Mode.
  • CF Vietnam: Super Zombie Mode.


Similar to the Parasite Expansion, this map option is mostly based on the classic Hero Mode X. It has unique mechanics found in Hero Mode X, but also features some new features from other Mutation Mode variations such as Mutation Knight Mode and Mutant Escape Mode.

The match will start with a maximum of 30 players, of which up to 2 players will turn into Berserk Mutants and up to 2 players will turn into the Mutant Boss, Xeno (depends on the number of players during the match).

Unlike Hero Mode X (including its Havoc/Ranger Expansion and Parasite Expansion) which can be played in any Mutation Mode and variants' maps, due to the high number of players and new mechanics, there are new maps available exclusively for this mode option, and most of them are based on the popular Hero Mode X maps.



Xeno still joins the battle to beat the soldiers, but unlike Hero Mode X, up to two players will turn into Xenos upon the countdown (depends on the number of players, otherwise it's still one Xeno like HMX). He still has the ability to use his Bulletproof Shield, but now he only takes 300 HP to use it instead of 500 HP like before. His default health point also got increased (9000 HP for Level 2, and 12000 HP for Level 3).

During the round, Xeno can pick the blazing Evil Box dropped on the map, and choose to transform into Evil Terminator or Demon Terminator. At this time, both can use their own different skills along with higher health point (13000 HP).

For normal mutants, they also have faster health recovery. Like Mutation Knight Mode, they can pick the new black Supply Boxes dropped around the map to gain Evolution Level, along with additional 500 HP, Bulletproof Shield in 3 seconds, or Instant Level 3 Boost (if lucky enough). When defeated, mutants still save both Evolution Level and Evolution Point when respawned. Evolving to Level 3, mutants can also pick the Evil Box and choose to transform into Evil Terminator or Demon Terminator as well.


Commando is also in the battle to fight against Xeno; however, he got some disadvantages. His health point is lower than before as he only has 5500 HP, and his Dual Kukri deals lower damage against mutants. To make up for that, he can pick up the freezing Hero Boxes dropped on the map and choose to transform into Master Hero or Master Hunter. At this time, his/her health point got up to 15000 HP, which is higher than any previous special characters. Commando will respawn as mutant after being defeated, similar to Hero in Mutant Escape Mode while Master Hero and Master Hunter's death are permanent.

For normal soldiers, they can pick up black Supply Boxes dropped around the map to receive items such as FAL Custom Camo-Stray, AT4Bio GrenadeStun Grenade (Wide) or Mutation Vest (only 1 per soldier), but at the same time, they also have their primary weapons' ammo refilled. Master Hero and Master Hunter can pick it up to gain additional 300 HP.



  • Watch out when the Evil Terminators are around you, they can keep throwing fireballs and distracting you from the incoming hordes, especially the dangerous mutants such as Maiden or Enchantress. Try to shoot them down.
  • Try not to be stuck in a crowded soldier group, as it can prevent you from dodging Evil Terminator's fireball.
  • Try to pick up Supply Boxes if you can, since they can give you useful items and also refill primary weapon's ammo as well. The FAL Camo, AT4 and Stun Grenade are extremely useful during emergency situations.
  • Since the number of mutants in this mode are significantly high, so if possible, try to reduce the number of mutants by killing them with melee weapons, so the work of Commando, Master Hero and Master Hunter would be less heavier.
  • Since Commando and his weapon have been nerfed significantly in this mode, soldiers are recommended to pick Hero Box to become Master Hero or Master Hunter. These Hero Boxes are always spawn at the fixed places on the maps, so players can try to camping around there so they can easily acquire them when they became Commando. If these boxes are out, try to dodge the mutants if there are too many of them.
  • As Master Hero, try to use LMB on low-level (Slug/Berserker) mutants, with 1-2 slashes are enough to kill them, while for the high-level (Titan) mutants and Xenos/Evil Terminators/Demon Terminator, try to use RMB along with the Rage attack, which can deals high HP on mutants (even a single RMB attack can kill a Titan-level mutant). The Rage attack should also be used when you're being surrounded by many mutants.
  • As Master Hunter, while the Dash ability is mostly for escaping purpose, players can use it to teleport right next to the mutants suprisingly and slashing them, as they may not react fast enough.
  • As Master Hero and Master Hunter, pretend to run away when being chased by a group of mutants, then suddenly turn around and quickly activate your specific skill (Rage attack as Master Hero, Dash ability as Master Hunter) and slash the mutants, then repeat. Most of the time the mutants won't react fast enough and will be killed.
  • As the heroes, cooperate with each other to increase the chance of survival.


  • Try to pick Supply Boxes so that you can level up faster and can acquire the Evil Box when evolved to Level 3. Evil Terminator and Demon Terminator are very dangerous against both soldiers and heroes.
  • Try to rush soldiers. Mutants can still save both Evolution Level and Evolution Point when respawned so you can try again when you're being killed. Still watch out from being killed by melee attack, though.
  • Don't always rely on Xenos, Evil Terminators or Demon Terminators, try to help them by attacking along them, or distracting them by stealth attack.
  • Try to aim for the head and attack at the back of Master Hero and Master Hunter, since they're very dangerous when it comes to face to face. Don't attack the heroes alone, better cooperate with other mutants instead.
  • As Evil Terminators or Demon Terminators, try to prevent the Commandos from picking up Hero Box by camping/guarding them, as these boxes are always spawn at fixed places. These mutants are highly dangerous against Commando so don't give them a chance, a couple of RMB attack are enough to take them down and join the Mutant armies.


On January 2020 update in CF China, this mode has released two new character options for players - Master Hunter and Demon Terminator. They are the equivalent of Master Hero and Evil Terminator, but with different weapon and skills, giving the option for soliders to become Master Hero or Master Hunter, and mutants to become Evil Terminator or Demon Terminator.

The Supply Box has added the AT4 from Battle Mode, which deals massive damage towards mutants. Beside additional Evolution Points, mutants will get bonus items among picking them up.


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