Master Hero is a special male character, available in Master Hero Mode X.


He is the supreme version of Commando and he now looks more deathly with bluish appearance. Any Commandos can be transformed into Master Hero by picking the Hero Box dropped on the map.

When transformed, beside higher health point (up to 15000 HP), he is now wielding the Master Hero Saber and uses it to slash both vertically and horizontally with high damage. Like mutants, Master Hero has the Rage Mode (by pressing "G"), and he will make multiple slashes with further distance and increased movement speed, allowing him to sweep all the incoming horde.


Available along with the Master Hero Mode X content


  • During the test, Master Hero's health point was 18000, but it later got reduced to 15000.
  • Strangely, CF China incorrectly uses the female voice pack for this character. This also happened to CF West.



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