The Darkness Villa (also known as Mansion on CF North America, CF Philippines, CF Vietnam, and CF Indonesia) is a map exclusive to Hero Mode X.


  • Available in all Crossfire versions.



Another shot of the villa

Once a villa belong to a GR general, now is the place where the war between the Xeno and the Commando to battle.

The villa is possible rumor to be the heart of the silent village Town Hall.

Map layout

There are a few places the Soldiers can use to defend themselves:

  • Garage: Pretty rundown with the second floor accessible by jumping on some boxes (left) or a small truck (Right). The floorboard can be destroyed using firearms, forming a thin ledge that only allow up to 2 mutnats to charge forward. There is a small box on the first floor which Maiden can use to reach the soldiers from below using super jump. When using this places, it is recommended to group here with 4 or more another soldiers, so you can defend longer because many soldiers means many ammo to have.
  • Broken corridor: Second floor of the Mansion, with a big window overlooking the backyard. The floor is broken, with only a thin ledge on the left, so Mutants can't overwhelm Soldiers here. There are a few side windows with glasses prevent the Mutants from reaching Soldiers, unless shot off by someone else. This is a good place to defend as long as nobody shoots out the windows, and if anything goes wrong you can drop down to the backyard below.
  • Side rofftop: Accessible by a thin ledge or jumping on some Wardrobes (Only when the windows are shot off). Soldiers have less place to stand here, and good teamwork is required to defend properly.
  • Side yard and the Pool: Only for hiding when the situation turns bad, the mutants will eventually notice you there. Your only hope is other soldiers get infected enough so you can become the Commando before the mutants get to you. Supply crates also drop here (One on the diving board, one in the middle of the pool), so if you are lucky, you can get new weapons / ammo refil to keep defending.
  • Yard Grass: Only to confuse the mutants, this place is good for the commandos to dodge Xeno's attack due to large amount of grasses that blind everyone. Throwing a Mutant Grenade here often results in all the mutants getting killed without knowing what hit them.


  • There is a Fireplace inside the mansion, which players can get inside and jump into a ledge from above. The fire can damage players, but once standing inside, players are safe. Without the Xeno, this is definitely a good "hiding" place since the mutants mostly forget about this place and it's completely impossible to look inside from outside.


CrossFire Hero Mode X Mansion Gameplay ll 10DarkGamer

CrossFire Hero Mode X Mansion Gameplay ll 10DarkGamer

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