Maiden-Copycat is a normal character variant of Maiden.


While not specifically stated in-game, Maiden-Copycat is a BL's controllable mutant that mimics the original Maiden, to combat GR without reducing their manpower.

This character has the same appearance as Maiden 2.0 but with a neon biohazard logo on her face mask and glowing lights on her eyes. Both BL and GR form shares the same ripped-up combat medic uniform with bracelets and long gloves that feature glowing neon.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam

Character Skills

  • Increased Jumping Speed and Skill Usage Time (when equipped and use Maiden 2.0).


  • The system name of this character is Nano_Copycat.
  • If players equip any glasses or mask on her, their masks will be removed and revealing their "face". Surprisingly, their faces are almost the same with most other female characters (obviously but unexpectedly, uninfected).
  • In CF Vietnam, this character has both a temporary and permanent variant. The temporary variant is available as junkie prize in the Nano Crate, while the permanent one is available for a limited time and can be obtained if the player collects all three weapons in the said crate.



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