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Machine Gun is a fully automatic belt-fed firearm designed for continuous automatic fire. In real life they are used for laying down suppressive fire; destroying enemy infantry and vehicles and preventing them from advancing forward.

Machine guns are the heaviest weaponry available in Crossfire. Generally speaking, they have the highest recoil, ammunition count, and heaviest weight out of all kinds of weapons. Their damage-dealing varies slightly from each other, but their accuracy stays pretty much the same. They are commonly used in Mutation Modes & Zombie Mode due to their high ammo capacity.

Pros & Cons

Most of them are rather heavy, therefore, slowing down the movement speed when holding them. Luckily, there are lightweight machine guns available. Their recoil is extremely high while holding down the trigger; trying to control them might be slightly difficult, but with practice, it is definitely possible. When some machine guns have quite a predictable recoil, such as the RPK, holding the trigger down too long will cause most machine guns to shake wildly and have extremely scattered and randomized recoil. On the other hand, they usually deal with massive damage.

Their accuracy can be quite precise in close to medium range combat and reload won't be an option often with its large ammunition capacity. However, reloading most machine guns (as well as their draw speed sometimes) takes quite some time, which may end up getting its user killed as their opponent can easily use this opportunity to strike.

Weapon List


  • MGs obtained through Challenge Mode Crates feature one more magazine comparing to their other variants, which makes them more valuable (especially when used in Challenge Mode, where ammo reserve is tripled by default, thereby giving players 6 spare magazines instead of 3). Examples include MG3 Silver with 135/270, M249 MINIMI-Gold with 150/300, etc. A special case is made for M240B-Tesla, this particular MG receives an extra magazine when used in ZM/DM.
    • Starting from Defense Mode, such MGs only have one magazine in reserve instead of 2.
    • The same rule also applies for MGs with low magazine capacity, i.e the L86 LSW and its variants (6 spare magazines), CSRG M1915 (5 spare magazines), MG13 (5 spare magazines)) and DPM (3 spare magazines). These MGs can be very dangerous if their ammo capacity is bumped up with RPK Infernal Dragon since their stocking ammo also receives the boost. For example, if the L86 LSW Amazon is equipped with 2 RPK Infernal Dragon, it will have 75 rounds magazine, same level with normal RPK but the reverse ammo will become 450 rounds, far more than RPK with full all ammo magazines.