BossImage MachineGargoyle
Machine Gargoyle is the second Trial Challenge Mode boss featured in Hell Tower, after Glacial Beast. He is the boss that guards the laboratory floor.


Unlike the other 2 bosses in this map, Machine Gargoyle's attack does not differ between his 1st and 2nd form, the only different between them are their HPs.

  • Glide: He can glide freely around the floor and hit soldiers on his way.
  • Claw: He will simply claw someone close to him in front.
  • Sonic Wave: He will release a wave-like attack that sweep across the room until it hits the wall. The wave does not cover the whole room and is cut off at each side, so soldiers outside of this area are unaffected.
  • Energy Ball: He will charge up and shoot an energy ball toward one soldier, often right after he leaves his defense stance. Avoid by side-stepping off his flying path.
  • Minions: He will summon a bunch of Machine Geckos to help softening up soldiers. Care must be taken to destroy these ASAP to limit surprise attacks.
  • Defense: Occasionally he will retreat to the northen ledge and activate his shield, minimize all damages against him. In addition, some DMDs will spawn and attempt to catch soldiers off-guard - killing these all will force Machine Gargoyle to come back to the field.

Tips & Strategies

  • Again, have the Sentry Guns at center and one player luring him will make the match very easy. Said players can use HypoMed-L to stay alive and keep the boss busy.
  • The Sonic Wave can be jumped over (low) or duck under (high) - take notice of Machine Gargoyle's stance when he releases it. If his legs don't bend over, the wave will be high and vice versa.
  • This is a tactic in the re-fight round : one player (he / she must have damage reduction items) stand in the place right exactly where the boss go inside the map, he will be stuck above that player's head and only damage with the Slash attack, and the Sonic Wave attack will be useless since it's above all player's head in the room.
  • His main target is the player who stand nearest him.
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