Machete is a melee weapon in CrossFire.


Machete is a multi-purpose tool that usually used for cutting or shattering bones. This melee weapon also can be used as an axe, machete, brush thinner or knife. It’s a durable do-it-all tool for clearing, hacking and chopping.

This weapon is still used in Africa and Latin America.


This melee weapon is quite similar to BC-Axe, but this weapon unable to score one-hit kill by headshot against armored opponents. The secondary attack takes a lot of time between each attack, so it's not really useful against multiple opponents.


  • Very high damage on stabbing.
  • Long attack range.
  • Fast slashing rate.


  • Low damage on slashing.
  • Slow stabbing rate.
  • Requires two slashes in the armored head.
  • No horizontal stabbing mark.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF West
  • CF Korea
  • CF Brazil


Tips & Tricks

  • Using Machete:
    It's recommended for you to use the primary attack as your primary source of damage, because the secondary attack have some noticeable disadvantages.
    You can use the slow stab to your own advantage, as most of the times, it will be hard for your opponent to estimate the time when your stab can hit him(due to the stab animation).
  • Playing against Machete:
    Use the slow stab of the Machete to your advantage, rushing the oponnent and not giving him much time to land his stab will be the safest way to win. You should usually rush the target after he/she randomly stabs once, which would be hard to cast another stab on you.
    Be aware of your opponent's slash, as he/she can kill you easily with single slash on the head (unless you're armored).



  • This weapon resembles Gerber's Machete Pro model.
  • Technically, Kukri is also categorized as a Machete. The possible reason that CrossFire decided to make Kukri a separate weapon from Machete is probably because Kukri is the most famous melee weapon in many FPS games compared to other melee weapons in general.
  • In Crossfire Philippines, Machete is available in Beginner Training for 7 days.
  • CrossFire Indonesia once sold Machete in item shop as a limited edition item. After the selling it on shop, this weapon is removed and became an event prize item.
  • CrossFire Japan sold this weapon in a limited edition capsule set.
    • Besides that, this version has the unique running animation.

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