MP7A1 is a kind of sub-machine gun featured in CrossFire.


This is an upgraded version of the MP7 that comes with an attached silencer making its recoil lower than the original and is quieter than other MP7 variants. It has a faster reloading time, and is also lighter than the original, but the firing rate is lowered.

It has an unusable thermal scope which is considered to be annoying to many players due to the fact that the it is very obtrusive, blocking most of the player's view.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Korea
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia


  • In Crossfire Philippines, the ammo of MP7A1 is 40/180 in inventory but in the game is 40/80 ammo.
  • This variant is called "MP7A1" in-game, but in reality all MP7 variants in CrossFire (including the original) are actually modeled after the H&K MP7A1 instead of the H&K MP7.



CrossFire - MP7A1 - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - MP7A1 - Weapon Gameplay

MP7A1 Gameplay

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