MP7 is a submachine gun that featured in CrossFire.


The Heckler and Koch MP7 is a German submachine gun and Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) that manufactured by Heckler and Koch. It chambered for the HK 4.6×30mm cartridge. It has greater ability to defeat body armor than current weapons limited to conventional pistol cartridges. Each magazine able to hold 40 rounds of 4.6mm bullets.

This gun is excellent in close quarter battle, because of its fast firing rate and medium damage dealing. Besides it's fast rate of fire, this weapon also has a low recoil and moderate accuracy.


Available in all CrossFire versions



  • The model in game shows that MP7 is fed with 20-round magazines instead of 40-round ones (click here). This error, however, was corrected for its variant MP7A1. Its dual-wield variant was also corrected as each gun model has a 30-round magazine, which matches with its capacity in the game.



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