"A standard SMG with lower power but less recoil, higher accuracy, and a higher firing speed."

- Weapon description

MP5 is a submachine gun in CrossFire.


The MP5 (from German: Maschinenpistole 5, meaning machine pistol 5) is a 9mm submachine gun made by Heckler and Koch. It is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world, and it uses a 30-round detachable box magazine.

Overall, this weapon is pretty good in the field. It has a decent rate of fire, recoil, accuracy, and damage. One thing that makes it good is its fast reload speed, very versatile, and light.

If packed with enough spare ammunition (mag items & boost from VVIP SMG), MP5 will be useful in Hero Mode X.


Available in all CrossFire versions


Real Life

  • The MP5 in CrossFire takes the model from MP5A3. This can be seen from its retractable buttstock despite players can't retract it in the game.
    • However, newer variants has already had its buttstock retracted.
  • MP5 has the closest copy style from Counter-Strike, with identical animation and sounds. The only difference is their reloading sound.
    • In both CF & CS, they incorrectly show reloading the MP5 by inserting a new magazine, then racking the charging handle back and forth. In real life, this will most likely not chamber a round, thus failing to fire.
    • To properly reload any Heckler & Koch long gun such as the MP5 or G3A3, the user needs to remove the used magazine, lock the charging handle to the rear notch, insert a new magazine, then slap the charging handle downward. This is called the HK Slap, seen in other games and movies as well as real life.
  • All MP5 models in CF show the fire selector switch set to semi-automatic mode instead of fully-automatic mode. This of course will prevent the gun from firing full-auto in reality.
  • The MP5 render depicts the gun with its magazine paddle release, but the in-game model lacks the paddle.


  • This gun is one of the few basic weapons available in most Elimination maps, along with AK47, M4A1, AWM, Dragunov, SG552, Steyr AUG A1, XM1014, P90, Desert Eagle and P228.
  • This weapon in CF Vietnam lacks a spare magazine, starting with only 30/90. This also applies to all other advanced variants (WCG, Camo and Adv).
  • CF West's website claims that the MP5 has more damage than the MP5 Adv however this was proven false.
  • 9A-91 and HK416C use the firing sound of this weapon.
  • This weapon can be seen regularly in many characters' health bar icon as the characters hold it to aim.




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