MAC-10-Painting is a machine pistol variant of MAC-10.


This weapon features a color mix of red and orange streaks painted all over its body. It has three upgrades, a 35 rounds mag (+3) with an extra spare magazine and has faster reload animation, allowing it to last much longer in battle comparing to the stock variant.


Available in all CrossFire versions


  • This gun is mistakenly spelled MAC-10 Paiting (instead of "Painting") in the HUD Icon.
  • For some reasons, this gun didn't make it to CF China, but the rest of Painting WS - SR-3M-Painting and Falcon OP-99-Painting, have been updated for a long time in this server.
    • After the March 2019 update in CF China, this gun has finally been update to this server, completing the whole weapon set. This made CF China become the last server to update this weapon to their server.



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