A bolt action sniper rifle that is highly specialized in target shooting. Relatively low damage rate, but easy to handle due to its light weight.
- Weapon Descriptions

M700 is a bolt action sniper rifle featured in Crossfire.


The M700 fires .308 Winchester ammunition. It has very fast reload time, very fast drawing speed, and noticeably lightweight. But it deals low damage compared to other sniper rifles, making this rifle quite unpopular with players. Chest shots usually take two bullets to kill, so it is recommended to aim for the head.

In all CF servers, this sniper rifle was one of the starting weapons alongside the M16 before the arrival of the Newbie Weapon Package. It generally cannot be sold back as GP.


  • High magazine capacity (10).
  • High accuracy.
  • Fast drawing speed.
  • Fast reload speed
  • Double scope phase.
  • Very lightweight for a sniper rifle.
  • Pretty low recoil.
  • Quiet firing noise.
  • Default gun (previously).


  • Low damage for a sniper rifle.
  • Impossible to sell as GP (some versions only).


  • Currently there are only 4 versions of Crossfire that sold M700 as GP item in the Item Shop, which are CF China, CF Indonesia, CF Russia and CF Korea.
  • In CF Indonesia, the M700 can be sold for 7,000 GP (basically sold for 20,000 GP in the Item Shop). Most older CF versions also allow this starter weapon to be sold and it is available in the Item Shop too, but this has been disabled in later patches.
  • CF Vietnam was the only version to sell M700 in cash via Webmall. This is simply a given chance for players who sold this gun in the old days to obtain it again, and most hardcore players always have cash to burn anyway.
    • Eventually, the webshop was closed.
  • The Remington M700 comes in a wide range of calibers, with .308 Winchester as its most popular choice. Since the M700 uses .308 rounds in CF, it is very underpowered in-game compared to real life.
  • This is the only default weapon to not have any variants, as both M16, Knife (Wood Hammer in CF Vietnam for reducing violence) received various variants in Item Shop and Black Market.
  • With the release of the Newbie Weapon Package system, M700, along with the M16, is no longer obtainable upon creating account. Veteran players who got this gun in their storage prior to the update will still get to keep it, but otherwise it's unobtainable to all new players.
  • If you use this gun and not switch to other weapons, it is completely no recoil. But if you shoot then switch to other weapons then switch back to this gun, the screen will shake. The reason is unknown.
  • This gun has a correct magazine size when mated with 10-rounds unlike other sniper rifles.



CrossFire Vietnam M700 ☆

CrossFire Vietnam M700 ☆

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