M4A1-XS Eternal Dragon (Royal Dragon 6) is an assault rifle variant of the M4A1-X.


Just like the other Eternal Dragon weapons, the M4A1-XS Eternal Dragon features a red color scheme plus a unique dragon carving design from the buttstock to the silencer. Comes with 36 round magazine (+2) and 72 or 108 in reserve.


Available in all CrossFire versions.



  • Instead of reusing the common M4A1-XS's drawing/reloading animation in which the character will usually pull the charging handle backward, this weapon uses new drawing/reloading animation where the character will simply press the bolt release button after reloading the gun (which looks similar when reloading the M4 Commando). This is simply due to the fact that the head of the Eternal Dragon is covering the weapon's charging handle, making it unreachable to retract.
  • In the beta version of this variant, it has no drawing sound, and it uses the original reloading sound like any M4A1. After officially released, the sounds of the drawing and reloading animation of this gun were taken from the following weapons:
    • Sounds for magazine swap were taken from Scorpion EVO3A1.
    • Sounds for the drawing animation and bolt release button was (oddly) taken from the MSG90's magazine release sound.



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