M4A1-S VVIP are a series of new weapons available in the VVIP Shop. Fairly similar to the AK47-Beast, they have increased accuracy and a faster reload speed, plus the ability to strike opponents in close combat with the secondary melee attack.

All variants are essentially the same, statistically, along with their features. Their difference lies within their appearances, thus giving players an option, as one version may attract more than any other.

NOTE: This article does not list the Noble Gold variant of M4A1-VVIP because they're recolored variant and not available in the VVIP System.

M4A1-VVIP's Family 

  • M4A1-S Beast: Similar design to the AK47-Beast, including the animated red eye, but it has an overall darker color scheme.
  • M4A1-S Transformers: Also known as M4A1-S Iron Beast - features a metallic look and various animated blue lights, and thus being much brighter compared to the others.
  • M4A1-S Born Beast: Also known as M4A1-S Obsidian Beast - features a dark skin with various red lights effects.
  • M4A1-S Jewelry: Features a pearl (color) skin with jewels and shining effects.
  • M4A1-S Predator: Features a mixed skin between Transformer and Born Beast and some slight model modifications.
  • M4A1-S Prism Beast: Similar design to the M4A1-S Iron Beast, but with added bayonet and a new feature to change colours of some parts of the weapon. This is also the first VVIP weapon which can customize with colours.
  • M4A1-S G Spirit: Features a unique one-of-a-kind skin with yellow-red-green color scheme and Guan Yu Spirit decoration.
  • M4A1-S Iron Wolf: Features the combination of M4A1-S and Glock-18 with the furious silver wolf design.


All M4A1-VVIP have various effects to its owner and all other players in the room. Here are the common effects and features these M4A1-S have:

  • 200% EXP bonus for the owner (100% EXP bonus on M4A1-S Jewelry).
  • 30% EXP bonus for everybody in the same room (20% EXP on M4A1-S Jewelry).
  • 20% GP bonus for everybody in the same room (10% GP on M4A1-S Jewelry).
  • Unexpected Luck (random chances for extra EXP/GP bonuses) (only available on Beast, Born Beast and Transformers variant).
  • Buttstock usable as a secondary melee attack.
  • Additional two bullets for every rifle equipped (+1 on M4A1-S Jewelry).
  • Improved accuracy, rate of fire and damage.
  • Ridiculously fast reload speed (1.27 sec).
  • Full wallbang.


  • While the Transformer, Born Beast, Predator, Jewelry, Prism Beast and Guan Yu variants have been released worldwide, no other CF version except CF China has the M4A1-S Beast variant. This gun is rumored to be QQ's exclusive merchandise because it's the same with Transformer, so players really have no reason to obtain both.