M4A1-S Transformers Noble Gold is a Noble Gold assault rifle variant of M4A1-S Transformers.


It features the same model and animations of the M4A1-S Transformers, but it has a full gold plate texture and silver steel texture on its body. It has no VVIP perks but it still retains its butt-plate melee attack and fast reloading speed.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Japan
  • CF Español
  • CF Philippines


  • This weapon has been added to the CF West's game files; however, there is no information on a release date for this weapon. This weapon is also being used by the GMs in public rooms which could mean that it might get added very soon.
    • It was later given to the winners of the CF West's CFCL as a permanent weapon.
    • When it was later updated in CF West, the BagIcon of this gun is M4A1-S Beast Noble Gold, which is wrong.
  • CF Vietnam: In Feb. 2017, this weapon was awarded to account not logging on in January for 30 days (accounts created from Jan 1st, 2013) and permanently (accounts created before Dec. 31, 2012). That made a lot of players at that time went mad since they wasted a lot of money to burn for this weapon.
  • The VVIP counterpart of the weapon will have jet sound when it is reassembled, but the variant does not.
  • In the Mobile version, this gun oddly comes with +2 ammo for all Rifles and +2 ammo for all Secondary Weapons, making it even more effective than the Iron Shark's ammo buff. However, it's been reported that the +2 ammo for Secondary Weapons is glitched and cause one bullet became "ghost bullet" (deals no damage).
  • After the December 2018 update in CF Vietnam, this weapon incorrectly uses the reloading sound from its VVIP counterpart despite the fact that there is no light effect by default.



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